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    On what topic

    [quote author=Jayne & Murphy link=topic=4209.msg145765#msg145765 date=1179517410]
    I know this is an old post but Val, you said

    quote :

    there are others that are better written IMO

    what books are they?


    Behaviour etc…



    I think there is a list in the stickies  ;D

    [quote author=Jayne & Murphy link=topic=4209.msg145776#msg145776 date=1179518494]
    Behaviour etc…


    Is this one of them

    quote :

    Pamela Dennison – The Idiots Guide to Positive Dog Training
    i cant praise this book enough – its just really dead good – in every day english (american) easy to understand and follow and its got loads of little pictures in it too. The only problem i have with it is its very american if you read it or own anything out of the FOR DUMMIES series you will know what i mean

    Oo they’ve got it on Amazon !!


    4 – 6 weeks delivery estimate  😮


    Can anyone recommend any good puppy books?



    Got to know why does Murf need puppy books

    [quote author=Jayne & Murphy link=topic=4209.msg145792#msg145792 date=1179520418]
    Can anyone recommend any good puppy books?


    Ha ha, not for Murph Val  😉



    Uni put that Dennison one as a recommended book, in a few of the moduales actually, never bought it tho!  🙂

    edited to ask which breed of puppy? ‘wink’



    Grace its quite good like i said very american


    Jayne I have had so many problems with Amazon lately. Am STILL waiting for my
    Two Dogs and a Journalist: A British Pekingese and a American Shihtzu Travel the World. Have been waiting just short of SIX months for it  >:( Still waiting for my Shock to the System too – been waiting nearly three months for that. Have complained so many times Im bored – just keep getting fobbed off and told they wont take the money till they send the book – like I care I just want to knowWHEN im going to get it – might be time for another complaint  >:D


    I did notice that they have links to other book companies on there, found a UK one that delivers within days not weeks.


    Never noticed that – ive be right put off from buying from them I have to say  ::)



    Anyone got this book  ???

    BOOK OF THE BITCH, by Gwen Bailey

    any good  ???

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