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    well i took him around the block and he span round a couple of times when seeing a car but i just stopped refocused him and then carried on walking and he was fine so i dont think it is a major issue and were i live on a road i think he will get fed up with it after a few good walks


    I have serious bc withdrawal symptoms so thanks for this fix, will follow with interest, good luck  k9


    thanks k9

    we have the big meet and greet with Max and Stan tomorrow so if that goes ok then we will have another addition 😀


    yeh good luck with it

    for me collies are very rewarding and i couldnt share my life with any thing else lol


    i have never had a BC but my flatmate has and loves them, think Max is going to end up being more her dog than mine, shes really fallen in love with him 😀


    well urm, yeh the meeting was bad >:(

    as soon as Max saw Stan he changed, it was a Jekle and Hyde moment, i was holding Max who was lunging at Stan and Stan was shouting at me then in 2 seconds flat Max made a lunge at Stan i put my hand out to command stan back (Stan was a well out of range anyway) and next thing i know my hand is pouring with blood Stan is howling at the end of his lead to get to me.
    Max was proptly returned back, i went to the doctors and now have stitches in my right hand ::)

    So all in all not a good evening

    **i feel that i should add this BC was extremely unsociallized and was kept as a house dog***


    Oh Jesus – he certainly wasnt the dog for you then


    you will find the right one im sure


    no definatly not, well at least they owners found out sooner rather than rehoming him then there being a bust up with another dog.

    thanks for the help though Wags  ;D


    hi , i have 2 collies, both from farms. The red welsh is a dream, but high energy, she is 5 and can go all day. she is obsessed with shadows and reflections. but she is a lovely girl, will play all day long. she has passed all her good citizen awards and done very well in flyball. however agility is a different game, she gets so excited that she nips me on the side, so im working on that. my other 2 yr old collie is a dream to train, she is due to do her gold award next, she has alot of work drive and will clear a wall to get to livestock if given the chance. she is rather nervy of people and has been hand shy, but we are working on this. she also had issues with cars, she would try to get the wheels as they moved, but with patience and perservance she has over come this and now we are concentrating on buses, as she is scared of them, especially when they let out the air on the brakes. i have trained her to lay down when she sees a bus now, as it is safer that way, as she doesnt lunge for them. I love collies to bits, but they are hard work and no 2 collies are the same.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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