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    I joined a Staffie Forum a few weeks ago…. its so bloody busy I can’t keep up with it all LOL  :surrender:



    Wags is in exam hell :death:, already told her off  ;D She will be back on when she finishes

    Lassie was online yest

    Dont want Terry back  :nono: cant handle her crazyness!


    Will bev come back iz – how is she? i emailed her a few times then never heard anything so stopped bothering – dont think shes even seen pics of aeryn 🙁



    She will, at some point. She got some stuff going on.

    She still got Percy, Cubes, Ami and Ted.

    What email you using for her Suz?


    whos Percy??

    dont think i even have an email for her any more- but id love her to see dex!!



    I emailed Bev the other day, I have 4 email addies for her  :-\ sent it to 2 of them but had no reply yet  :-\



    Percy was Archie, Livia’s litter brother, brought back last year because owner didnt do what he and his parent promised to do.

    Perce was left for hours on end, no socialisation classes, no training, resource gaurder. His owner gave him to his parents because he moved back to london, Parents couldnt cope with his gaurding issues.

    Came to me for a couple of days for assessment, before going off to Bevs. Well he and Livs were the spit of each other then as he had lost a lot of bone, Mo was over the moon. He never left  :whistle:

    There some pics on my FB profile I think

    will pm you her email addy, think its the one on she has on here still


    Member or

    saying this, I havent heard from her or Mo for about 10 days now  :-\


    im going to message her now!! thanks iz!! xxx



    No probs, just dont expect a reply anytime soon, I have moaned and moaned at her about coming back and she was going to at one point, then this stuff happened, but she will reappear at some point  :-*


    pffft tell her to answer me hahaha!

    i sent her a huge long email 😀

    i hope she comes back – the board needs val and bev 😀



    Will do my best hon  :ok:



    I do pop in now and again, I am also in that exam cram phase (sorry to say I am getting fully geeked up).

    I am more than happy to help with getting people back on the forum.  I have seen the Dobe forum is also very active.  The 2 ideas are a mail shot and facebook.  I have had a look and the facebook one could be worth having a go at.

    I am going to register Dog Club on facebook, rather than myself.  This way more than one person can be Dog Club if you see what I mean.  I will then see what sharing can be done.  I have had a look at the forum and there are modifications that can make the forum link to facebook.  The problem is there are several of them doing different jobs that fight with one another.

    I hope the Stop Spam member filter is working OK.




    Done.  Dog Club now has a Facebook page.  I did try some sharing, but it appears you need to have friends first of all :embarrass:



    Ooh fab.. will look for it and ask it to be my fwend  ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 54 total)

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