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    Clues already issued – so hurry up and guess… this ones easy. And please have a go at the caption, too!

    Good luck – and email your answer direct as this may go very  very quickly!



    more clues… has to go soon!


    cavalier king charles and schnauzer mini – groom one just like it  🙂


    well i say just like it – close except hes black and tan not grey and tan  ;D will try find a pic they look very alike – cept the one I groom is a whole heap tidier – come on I need to know if im right now  😀


    😀 oh I just seen im right – well done me  ;D



    i sent bev an email saying schauzer x cav king charles at 15:56 and went straight out after i sent it, just got back now and found an email sayin i had to say the size of the schauzer. I knew it was a mini just forgot to write it ::) 😀 typical me eh! well done suz 🙂


    oh bless that was really close laura  :-\  :-*



    the day had been running toooo smoothly suz something had to go wrong at one point lol 😀 ::)


    lol dont you just love days like that!!



    you bet ::) 😀

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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