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    Sorry laura but the sheperd is awful and is only winning as its a ‘face’ i can only assume you saw a different dog in the ring and not the BOB as trust me it is NOT a straight back at all, its rear is ridiculously low to the floor.



    Rico did not win because he belonged to a “face“! John and Pauline who own him would fall about laughing at that!

    He is a superb example of the breed, has won several BIS in the UK as well as winning abroad, winning the British Sieger (where dogs are graded not just win or placed) and having a KKl1, Lebenzeit, AD and SchH3 adequately demonstrating he is fit for function fit for life on top of which he has a superb temperament.

    He may not be your personal cup of tea, but he can certainly not  be described by anyone familiar with the breed, the standard and the dog as “awful”  :nono:


    that may be – but to any one watching the tv coverage he looked like he was dragging his ass along the floor


    No, not ANY one, SOME one. 😉


    ‘each to their own sweetypye – personally if thats what the breeds come to thank god i have no desire to own one!!


    I would be very proud to own Rico, as he is physically a superb specimen, temperamentally he is outstanding and of course he can also jump well, track well, has great obedience including being able to gait lead free in the ring, and has a calm full grip during protection work in Schutzhund, not to mention having great endurance having got obtained his AD qualification which involves trotting next to a bike for 13 miles and still be fit to go on.

    He has strength, stamina, stability and skills.

    If only all dogs were so well rounded eh?


    he may well be all these things – but what he came accross on the tv certainly wasnt that.


    Fortunately when he went off for his vet check post his BoB, he passed it with flying colours.

    Amazing how many professionals can all be so wrong………………..  :what:


    Hmmm i was speaking to a lady today who has owned bred/trained gsds for more years than ive been alive……..she too was horrified by the gsd………… sorry sweetypye but on the move in that ring it looked bloody horrific simple.


    Can we agree to disagree please ::)
    Hardly anyone bothers to come on here now so spats like this don’t help 🙁
    I come on here to learn, laugh, sympathise and go ahhh over puppy pictures.
    Life is shite at the moment so I need sites like this to escape to but it won’t be here much longer if people don’t bother with it or won’t let other people have an opinion without having a go at them…………………….end of rant


    As you say – we entitled to an opinion – that includes not being told what we can and cannot say, maybe you can post something a bit more positive eh .


    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=16362.msg284242#msg284242 date=1332012610]
    As you say – we entitled to an opinion – that includes not being told what we can and cannot say, maybe you can post something a bit more positive eh .

    And your last few posts on the subject are positive ?
    It wasn’t aimed at either of you, It was just can we agree to disagree BEFORE it turns nasty like it always does.
    I will give this board a miss from now on until I can think of something positive to post.


    Totally agree with you Sweetypye.

    I think most things look very different in person than they do on TV. As being a person involved with the breed I couldn’t fault him. With this being the 2nd year in a row he has won BOB and even getting through into BIS last year I think the judges agree that he is a brilliant example of the breed.

    I don’t remember any criticism on him last year so what has changed this year.

    Anyway as Lassie said I think we should agree to disagree on him. We all have very different views which I doubt debating will change.


    Laura – i didnt like him last year either – and my facebook and others was full of discussions about it!!!

Viewing 14 posts - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)
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