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    well – between getting him home and going to bed at 11 – he in and out for wee’s – managed to get 1 outside and 4 inside  ::) and 1 poo – inside ( i was on the phone  ::) ) he does a great ‘I need a wee’ and then prats about pulling plants, ferreting around and barking at the door to go back in  ::) at one point he out with Mo – I was posting on here – I think to myself – she been out a long time ( I had said he dont come in until he does a wee) go down to check Mo leaning against the wall – he was alseep in the ivy  😮 I said ‘what the…etc’ Mo said ‘you said he couldnt come in until he been – he has fallen asleep’  ::) I lift him bring him in …and yep…he peed  >:D he had his supper and was really tired bless him – he went and barked at falkor – who had got in cuberts bed even though it a small bed  ::) but cubert annoyed him until he moved then curled up in it – left him 1/2 hour – back out for wee and I think he did one but wasnt sure as he went under the bushes and I wasnt fast enough….

    then it was bigsleeptime… ;D

    I had a dog at my feet again  ;D ;D

    we had 15 minutes of ‘downthebed’ only allowed ‘upthebed’ if invited – he wanted to be up the bed  ;D he gave up in the end….
    🙂 did we sleep? – yep…. I only woke up when his snoring stopped at 3.30 am ( my mind was tuned to the snoring even though I was asleep ) bliss….. I looked at him and he was sitting up in his bed on the bottom of our bed – trying to decide if it was worth his while to try ‘upthebed’ … I took him out for a wee..and doG he is heavy to lug up and down the stairs …..stood out there with him for 40 minutes – the ivy got a bashing ….a cat got ran off ……he barked at a taxi arriving 2 doors down…..finally did one and went to the door and wow’ed  ;D so back to bed – another 5 minutes of ‘downthebed’ and he flopped…he still there  ;D

    not much picture but turn up the speakers  ;D ;D he snores as loud as falkor  ;D

    [img width=468 height=382][/img]


    Oh no, that is to cute!  :'(  😀


    Is it pronounced Cubert as in Cucumber or Cubert as in Cupboard?

    Did anyone understand a word of that?? I certainly didn’t!  LOL


    Oh isnt that cuuutteee!  He sounds like a cat purring  :-* :-* :-*

    Glad you first night wasnt too disasterous  😀


    cubert as in cue bert

    St Cubert was a welsh missionary – he took the christian faith to cornwall and then he returned to wales becoming abbot of his own monastery – according to the welsh chronicles he died in 775 A.D.


    he up had cuddles ‘upthebed’ and been out for a wee – 5 minutes this time and i got the cueing and praise in – he was all pleased with himself – he now putting his breakfast all over the house – he a get it out of dish and eat elsewhere dog – great  ::)


    Congratulations to both you and Mo, It’s going to be great fun seeing your life turned upside down by a puppy, oh this brings back such found memories…  ;D


    ;D aww bev sounds great  :-* what did he have for breakfast – what does ami think of him?  :-*


    he been raised on burns (breeder gave me a bag) and fresh cooked chicken and evap milk watered down – he decided he doesnt like burns while there is fresh meat about  ::) he got minced lamb sprinkled on his burns last night but he went and knicked a pork rib off falkor – managed the softer ends so he had another 4 (ends) and then played with one of the bones until he got bored with it – then ami knicked it and he growled at her  ;D she not used to being told off by a male  ;D ;D – he just did a normal poo so it didnt upset him  🙂

    he has had live yoghurt then waited 15 minutes then he got naturediet and raw oats with just a sprinkle of burns for breccy followed by goats milk – he lying in his bed now with his smileycat and his bugs bunny  🙂

    and i got to go to work  🙁 and leave him  🙁


    That’s quite a relaxing noise actually  ;D Loki mainly makes little squeaks when he sleeps… less releaxing  ;D


    i have missed it  🙂 i find it comforting – but then i am nuts according to most folk  😀


    he knows his name – he knows come verbal and 3 pips when i whistle – low criteria – havnt called him when he playing or snoozing just when on a wander

    we working on mine – yours – as in my toes and sandals and your toy  >:D

    we got a sit as in he does the behaviour but then he flops over  ;D

    back later  🙂 off to earn his upkeep  🙂


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=11447.msg215892#msg215892 date=1210839794]
    i have missed it  🙂 i find it comforting – but then i am nuts according to most folk  😀

    Not nuts 😉 I always have a cat purring on the bed, helps me to sleep ;D
    He is wonderful and this will be the longest thread ever


    ahh love this all the updates –  ;D was thinking about him this morning at work………ahh yes bev the whole bed thing – how do you teach that keeping him at the bottom – just curious  ;D


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=11447.msg215880#msg215880 date=1210835626]
    he now putting his breakfast all over the house – he a get it out of dish and eat elsewhere dog – great  ::)

    Hmmmm, now who does that remind me of??  ::) ;D LOL

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