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    They are all so gorgeous!  :-*


    Gorgeous shots of Cubert and I love that spotty tum too, must be lovely for you having a wee pupster about exploring things for the first time!  Pippin is a poppet too  :-*

    Sarah Jane

    Awww  :-* he’s a little smasher……………mums nice too
    Can see he’s grown soo much already,spotty belly too i would wanna blow raspberries on it  ;D ……can see he’s making you and Mo mum very happy


    Great pics Bev, Mums gorgous too  :-*

    So will Cubert be known as the Spottie Bellied Boyo  ;D


    he now known as splodgepodge – or splodgypodgy – he is a pig….

    yesterday he munched his way through 500gm of minced lamb, 4 chicken wings, 3 belly pork strips, 2 pork ribs, a banana, an apple, a cooked breast of chicken with grated carrot and mange tout, a large tub of natural yoghurt and 2 large yorkshire puddings as well as his training treats – he can’t half eat – had the opposite with brose and ami – he a pig and he grunts when he eats – he a pig….disguised as a clumber  ;D


    ;D sent the pics to mum of daddy..
    she sent back… thats dad he so much like his dad it uncanny – so you know what you in for  ;D

    called and had a chat…said to Mo jokingly – as we know geordie boy  – want to send him back now?  ;D ;D Mo said – he aint going nowhere so find your second wind  😀

    think he is finally full – not ate as much today – so now we wait for the reason – the growth spurt etc…and he humped (tried) ami today  😮  ::)

    hebadbadbadhenomannersifiwantashagiwillsaysonomeansnowhereeverwearewhereeverwego  >:D hewontdothatagaininahurryeither  >:D amilou


    Wow thats alot of food for a little one  😮  ;D

    Love his spotty tummy  :-*


    My doG that is alot of food  😮  😮


    Aww love his spotty belly hes gorgeous bev and that tail – too cute!!  :-* :-*

    That is a lot of food but he a growing boy!!  ;D


    blimey that is a shed load of food isnt it..  ;D

    and I prob shouldn’t laugh but  😀 cheeky chappy trying his luck already  p:-)


    Mum is a real beauty, very regal :-*
    [img width=468 height=351][/img]


    she’s amazing isnt she 🙂  i think she looks gorgeous 🙂

    *kisses* to lovely pippin 🙂  my goooooooodness you have grown !!! 🙂

    claire x


    took his dna swab for the PDP-1 test  ::) left it on the table – and somedog removed it and i found it all crunched up and chewed on the sofa  ::) – think it might be a bit contaminated now  ;D


    well a week and a bit in and cubert has learnt lots and lots
    most has been part of puppy play and socialisation
    some has been part of short training sessions
    so he now:

    asks at the door to go out – he moved on the going to the door and he now he squeaks
    the go wee – is very fluent – yesterday he had been already and i cued ami and he squatted again even though he had just been
    we have the sit in the house and the garden if he not charging about like a loon – as in if i have focus it fluent – got 4 out of 6 off leash at brownsover that a high criteria especially with ami there snuffling about
    he walks to heel on the leash – does a nice head up trundle by my side – go sniff is on cue now
    he will walk to heel off leash for about 8 steps before a break – and he mega fast so that is next weeks task
    his recall is as good as can be at this stage – am expecting extinction anyday but he knows his whistle call and verbal
    we done lots of freeshaping to objects so now he has the idea of that the next freeshape will be to snoozy
    he knows onthebed – downthebed – upthebed
    the toe grabbing has stopped and the mouthing has good bite inhibition
    he knows leave it and dead – not fluent but we getting there
    and he is a natural retriever
    struggling with a down – still trying to trap it

    and he has learnt ami’s varying growls and grumbles wowows etc


    wow, he has learnt alot in a week  ;D  love reading what he gets upto  🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 166 through 180 (of 930 total)
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