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    they knackered  ;D

    they lying in nose touch – each willing the other to make a first move  ;D ;D

    ami is sooo content  😀

    maybe we need another boy says Mo  😮 😮 😮


    boysarestooooopppppidddd  >:D amilou


    knackered is good….  Glad they getting on  ;D

    Ami loves the boys really  ;D

    I just done something stupid… was packing and thought – I’ll just call Loki up to ‘help’… so I called.. then no Loki  🙁 all quiet here…

    ps. he rarely barks but when he does  😮 very scary  ;D – only two things I know that set him off… the hose (not being turned on quick enough) or bicycle pumps (Think is the hissing)…


    ahhh – hose…errmmm he remembered the pond  😀

    hugs…he fine – go pack…. 😉 yep –houses feel empty when they not there


    go enjoy italy xxxx

    he currently on Mo’s lap – avoiding the big bad clumber that stops him getting Mo kisses  ::) and Mo  ::)

    hasnt he grown  :-\ well yep…it called time and…..


    Thanks Bev – I know he’ll be ok  :-*

    He is water obsessed that dog… 

    On Mo’s lap  😮  He’s not that small…. she must be squashed  ;D

    Yes – he has grown… got more solid too..

    Hope he is good xx


    hehe why did Cubert wee on Lokis head?  😀

    Glad they are both having fun though  ;D


    i honestly not sure suz  😀 he has started doing pissyfeet greets – just occasionally – and only with me and/or ami if we been out without him and he all excited to see us  ::) so i think with the added excitment of coming in together with loki too he lost the plot and Loki copped for the fall out – although Mo said he had just come in from the garden after a pee – but there sure was a lot spare  😀


    lol he obviously emptied his reserve tank on Loki  ;D

    have had a cocker do that to me – well not my head, was busy grooming and someone came in – he was obviously delighted to see them and peed all over my hand  😀

    quote :

    cubert    😮  😮  😮  p!$$3d on his head – gallons  😮  😮   

    Ay  ::) , that boy needs a big bro to teach him the ropes *sigh*.

    Wodan says; Pissingcontest done side by side and aim as high and far as you can. Not on someones head 😛 .


    oh bless porr loki  😀 what a greeting for him  ;D beau still does this sometimes used to do it all the time when i came home from work on mums carpet or couch  😀 now he only does it if i leave and return out of routine i.e. night out then big kisses and water works on return  ::)



    you know if i want to go on holiday would you like to look after another doggie or two  :-\


    anytime hun xx




    remember these? at 2 and a bit months  🙂

    well just so you can see how fast clumbers develop and to compare growth  ;D

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    meisgettingabigboyomegettingtoobigtocarrynow  :-* cubert aka coooobiiiieeee

    taken on his 1/3 of a year birthday  🙂


    wow big boyo! 😮 :-* he’s looking great bev! gorgeous little face too! :-* how much does he weigh? ;D


    38lbs  ;D and we struggling to carry him upstairs now  ;D need a chair lift at the same age brose was 27lbs  🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 391 through 405 (of 930 total)
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