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    he is such a scrummy boyo, just wanna grab those chops so much!! cant believe how beautiful he is!!


    Wow, he’s just adorable, he looks really cuddly, can you still pick him up or is he crazy weight now  ;D


    his ears and feet looks just fine  :-* cant believe how huuuuuuuuge he is now, hes so handsome Bev – just beautiful  :-*



    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=11447.msg228077#msg228077 date=1215084598]
    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    melikeslyingherewhenchildrencomefromschoolmegetsnaughtiesandlissesmewaitingforthem  :-* cubert
    [/quote]Beautiful big boy. You going to give your mammies Schwarzenegger armes if you continue to grow like that  😀 .



    He’s a stunning boy Bev, can’t believe he has grown so much



    sent the pics to jan – cuberts grannie

    jan always makes me smile – calls a spade a spade  ;D

    this was reply  ;D

    Bloody hell, he’s a big bugger!!!!

    ;D ;D

    well the ‘BB’ has just worked his way through – bearing in mind he had brecky because he now on 3 meals a day…he bankrupting us  ::)

    5 chicken wings – 2 pork ribs – a slice of belly pork – a narnie and a roasted pigs ear with bits attached

    and widget…..

    loki had the other and all his dreams came true – you need to get a pigs head  😀


    hes a growing boy he needs to eat well  ;D  ;D



    Blimey rather feed him for a week than a fortnight 😮
    Know wonder he’s a BIG boy ;D



    300gm lamb mince and a couple of bones for breccy – that lot for lunch – 200gm mince and mixer tonight – pork crackling treats – biscuit treats – 2 eggs – his oil – an apple a carrot and his training treats – he never stops bloody eating

    and he in the doghouse tonight ::)

    he went in the pond and stood barking at mo from the middle when she was trying to get him out  ;D

    hebadbadbadheneedsasmackedbottom  >:D amilou

    youtoldmetoyousaidgetballoutyouputballinyoujealouscosiplayingwithloki  😛 cubert



    and he in the doghouse tonight ::)

    he went in the pond and stood barking at mo from the middle when she was trying to get him out 

    He’s spending too much time with Amilou, she’s rubbing off on him >:D



    He’s just amazing!  Do you know how the tail will “finish” ? Will it still be wrapped or will it loosen up and get feathery?



    the ones i have seen are like a golden ret but his is all curly twisted so lord knows – still cannot get used to it  ::)



    ok well we’ll have to wait and see,  I like tails  ;D


    greedy little clumber  ;D

    Honey says can she come for tea  ;D



    he’s got hollow legs  😀 bless him… he going to be a big boy  :-*

Viewing 15 posts - 421 through 435 (of 930 total)

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