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    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=11447.msg216461#msg216461 date=1211042955]
    have you read the bonnie post from claire …when brose was in working mode teaching bonnie to communicate – and then ami up and coming had a shot? claire actually explains what we do really well

    no.  :-\



    Had to read e-ve-ry word, but it is really true. You got a boypupper and a girlypupsy on the way  😮 ! .

    Fantastic looking little boy he is.    :-*  :-*  :-*  to the little puppyboy and a HUGE  :-* with a attached note that says ‘good luck you brave woman’ to you Bev  >:D .

    Nah, just kidding. Oh Bev, this boy will bring out the best ànd worst in you. Hehehe, he going to be your personal allround devil  >:D . I can not wait for him to become adult. So young, so little yet, but such a braveheart he is going to become. Afterall, he landed in girlheaven rained by Momammie. They are gong to give you many grey hair but ……you will feel ALIVE  ;D .
    Am soooo happy for you  :-* .


    thank you diesel – as you can see it 2.30 and i dont feel very alive – he woke me for a quick wee at 2 – he went straight back to sleep  ::) i can’t … >:D


    heabadbadboyhebitmomumonthechinandmadeitbleedithinkheneedstogohomenow  >:D amilou

    he woke up and i did ‘upthebed’ and he pounced on Mo who was still asleep  ;D and he got a real good nip in

    he eating well, yesterday he had his breccy as posted, then he had boiled chicken and rice and grated carrot followed by mange tout and narnie for lunch, had more pork rib ends – he likes those and ami knows that he only eats the ends so she lies waiting for him to finish what he can manage and then gets to have the rest, he got through the little wing bit on his chicken wing and then it was thrown pounced on and killed – again and again and again  😀 until he threw it too close to falkor who wolfed it down and then he carried on looking for it  ;D and then he had yougurt and honey for supper with pumpkin seeds in ( to worm him though havnt seen any worms ) he hasnt had any tum upset at all – poo’s all normal – he off to see Hugh at the animal house this morning for a joint measure and general puppy check  🙂 and he now very fluent at opening the gate  ;D


    you said you took him to tescos and to a prescholl with 3 4 year olds, think you said about that age, is he still biting? or is it just your toes  🙂 was just wondering how you managed him the kids etc etc  🙂


    So whats he been up to today – any more photos?  ;D


    i am cueing all the time gracie – feet are interesting if they move  ;D he was fine with the kids until they ran and then it chase and go for feet but i had explained to them and had shown them his needle teeth and we practiced running with hand in fist and tucked under arms  🙂 and we ran about trailing long bright ribbons for him to focus on – he is not bite biting hands when folk fuss him – he mouthing us and visitors to house occasionally – not me but still does with mo – i have the kiss kiss nobite and i get licks now he does a fast nip on a run though and yep feet are fascinating

    he been to visit Hugh – who fell in love  🙂 cubert fell asleep on the table  🙂

    joints all good and in proportion and with good movement
    eyes good (at the moment long may it last)
    has 2 nuts
    no umbilical hernia
    nice clean ears

    he got a visit from inga this morning – that was a bit manic
    he got a visit from teigan this evening – that was funny
    he had a major telling off tonight from ami – squealed like hell – he had her by the ear – he wont do that again in a hurry

    he really tired  🙂

    he likes roast parsnips  😀


    we leash walking tomorrow  🙂


    sounds like he is having fun and games  ;D

    we need many many more pics tho  ;D


    we got the leash walk  ;D

    trundletrundleheelclosesnifftheflowerstrundletrundlewagthetailheadupheadupbarkatcatstaybymumsfeetmeprettyboyo  🙂 cubert

    idiothowelseyousupposedtowalk?  ::)  >:D amilou

    nooooyouhavetopullandmakehercross  >:D >:D samtoo

    humphbragwhenyoucandoitoffleash  😛 falkor

    Mo wasnt dressed so wouldnt come out to vid it  ::)

    he flopped – fast asleep and snoring head off  ;D


    thats realy good news yay ;D


    Great to read he’s doing well  ;D


    I went up to Bedford to visit friends the weekend & when we walked thier dachsunds round the village yesterday we bumped into a Clumber boy on the way. Instantly recognisable.  ;D


    This is all really interesting  🙂 Especially the bit about going outside for a wee..  we have completely lost this – he hasn’t wee’d in the garden this year I don’t think…  ::) He likes to save it up for walks…

    love the vids of him with ami  ;D  Can’t believe the size difference – ami looks huge compared to him  ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 930 total)
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