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    congrats christine  ;D


    think i shall crack opena bottle of wine to celebrate.. might be the only time I am top  😀

    Well that’s my excuse anyway  😉


    havent played yet I dont think will go have a look!! Roflol at Rachel -bless her  ;D  ;D


    congrats christine!  ;D well i better enjoy my second place because tomorrow its geography  🙁 im a bit rubbish at that  ::)


    Me too Mandy – be very suprised if I get any right  ::)


    i know im expeting a score of maybe……..2 😀 but it might not even be that  ;D


    I’ll be guessing them all again probably so any right will be a total fluke  😀


    lmao no worse than me – god knows why I chose to put it on the schedule lol – still its only one day, and this way we all learn something  ;D

    Lmao Many – I have on the other one I play on scored nothingbefore – cant remember the subject now, famous animals I think!!


    I am pants at Geography…. my moment of glory is short lived  :-\


    watch us all get 9 or 10  😀 then that will be the biggest fluke ever  😀


    Still could be worse – could be History  😀 Or Maths  😀 Or English even  😀


    😀 thats very true…maths is really not my strong subject!  :-\ im quite looking forward to wednesday, it’s movies and im a bit of a movie freak! i say that but………will see  ;D


    History questions next week hahaha!!!


    😛  😛  😛  😉



Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 491 total)
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