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    In an ideal world this pup would have been welcomed back by its breeder, check the code of ethics for parson russell club, it would be unusual if they are not supposed to be responsible for pups they have bred. 
    I do object to APDT members being called “muppets”, it is, in my opinion, very hard to become an APDT member and I value my membership hiighly.  The 1,000 member has only been accepted this year and considering the number of years the APDT has been operating this should give you some idea of the standard required.  If anyone you know to be a member is not conforming to the ideals of the APDT then they need to be reported. 
    Let’s hope this pup has found a suitable new home or been PTS.


    Is probably HIGHLY unlikely this dog was a purebred parsons……….



    Parsons / long legged JRT’s are pet bred all over by people who wont take them back 🙁

    As for the APDT having only 1000 members and that being a measure of standard – can you quantify this against how many have actually applied and failed?  I would suggest its more likely that some of the better trainers and behaviourists are choosing not to become members so they dont get tarred with the same brush as the more incompetent ones.

    There is absolutely NO GUARENTEE when choosing an APDT member that you’ll get someone decent or someone rubbish.  Sad but very true !


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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