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    am crap at this compared to Bev and Val – but am i right in thinking he not weight bearing properly on his hind left – otherwise I cant say much just that he looks uncomfortable  🙁


    he’s not weight bearing properly on anything.  :'(

    and the block the tv isn’t an impression – it’s a talent he has down to a fine art. but since i haven’t watched tv for about the last 2 months (remind me why i am paying the licence fee??) i don’t care.  😉


    yep i think the first pic looks worse on his hind right………..poor boy he just looks wonky – sorry terry i dont mean it nastily he just looks all wrong  :'(  :'(


    i know suz.

    he’s very kaputt.  :'( :'( :'( :'(


    has Val seen these pics yet?


    don’t know.  :-\ ???

    and meant to ask – anyone who has had tramadol – does it make you nauseous… drooly…. ?


    He looks really out of line all over  :-\ well you know what I think and what I would do.
    Tramadol side affects the most common are: constipation, upset stomach, decreased heart rate.

    [quote author=GSPmad link=topic=11624.msg227155#msg227155 date=1214597662]
    don’t know.  :-\ ???

    and meant to ask – anyone who has had tramadol – does it make you nauseous… drooly…. ?


    [img width=468 height=382][/img]

    video of what he looks like at walk at moment.  ::) can’t really see what front legs are like from it. but they still bad too.  :-\

    am not keen for a chiro to mess with his lumbar and lumbosacral because of the discs – mentioned a chiro to the orthopaedic specialist and he scared the cr*p out of me about a dog that had been to chiro got paralysed from neck down and had to be pts….. i presumed it had to be some sort of disc problem for that to happen. but on the MRI dorain’s upper spine was fine (bulging discs lumbar and disc stuff all over place pressing on nerves in lumbosacral area) – so have got a chiro coming in week to see him, and at least do something with his front end. hopefully it will help.  :-\

    she sounded nice when i spoke to her – mctimoney-corley chiro.

    name is clare charlton. anyone heard of her? know if she’s any good? it’s so d*** difficult to find an animal chiro…


    ((hugs)) gsp, im sure he will be fine with the chiro :-*


    There was a chiro talk up here the other day but we weren’t invited  ::) ::)  😛 one of my customers went though, she’ll tell us everything she learnt.  She has a GSP too, has a problem with her back leg


    Just thought I would update – in case anyone was interested.  :-\

    Front legs – we got sorted – chiro fixed them.  ;D :ok:

    Back legs….  🙁 PLT didn’t seem to be doing much and he was getting a skin infection so stopped them  – but seems to have got worse off them so looks like he may have to go back on them.  🙁 Despite being on them his muscle has been steadily wasting – you can really see the difference above his tail and on his back legs, esp the right one – and today on his walk he turned suddenly and nearly went over on them…  :'( he never has done yet tho, and they seem reasonably strong – can still run at a goodish speed  ::) – trouble is he’s such a careless lump…. his brain cell doesn’t seem to realise that the legs aint what they used to be….


    good news his front legs are sorted!  🙂

    would swimming help build muscle ?


    of course we are interested gsp :-* did wonder about swimming though like gracie said


    Spoke too soon… front legs had been sorted since mid August…. went swollen and sore again day after i wrote this…. and can’t get back to chiro at moment.  :-\ and gone worse on back legs… limping on back right which is always the worse one….  :'(

    Swimming is a thought – but there is only one hydrotherapy pool anywhere near here (as in within about 40 or 50 miles as far as I have worked out from looking into it when Duibh’s leg was bad) and they are totally impossible to get in touch with… phoned them about 8 times, got an answer once and they told me i would have to phone and speak to someone else at a certain time and got no answer again….  :-\ not quite sure how they get any custom tbh…. but there is a lake nearby and it is wade into-able (he refuses to go in water unless he can walk into it first – he doesn’t do jumping in any more…) so that might work. Worth a try.  🙂


    hydro pools are rarely “walk in”  from what i’ve seen the dogs are slinged in or jump in – they get their business from vet referrals and the one near me is super busy 🙂

    claire x

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 121 total)
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