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    dorain has just had his ‘lake hydro’… took him round the country park and swam him in the lake…. he will only go in if he has something to retrieve – and he happily did it a few times, then went in to get it again – but wouldn’t swim in just waded side to side – then leapt out like he was being pursued by demons….  ??? i thought it was cos a swan had decided to swim over nearby – so spent a while waiting for floating dummy to drift in closer to bank away from swan – but he still didn’t want to go in – kept pawing at water and whining and barking at me…. eventually he waded in and got it but didn’t want to, and flung himself out of the water again.  ??? completely baffled…. and if he won’t go in there that’s going to be the one and only swim he gets cos there’s nowhere else.  :-\

    and he found a disposable nappy someone had dumped by the path – won’t go into the state of it  :vomit: – and i am not sure how much of it he ate before i managed to part the two….  :-X hopefully not too much.  :-\

Viewing 121 post (of 121 total)
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