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    Hopefully someone might be able to help me ….

    This may sounds like a really silly question, but what do you do while the dog thinks about its next move, trying this with Whisper Im sat on the floor with her and the ring, she got looking, she got nose touching.  Tried again today and she repeated nose touching, so wanted to move onto paw touching, but she noses it then looks at me and walks over for a treat… she doesnt want to think about the next move, just her next treat

    should I toss the treat instead of handing it to her?  Should say she is very very foody  😀


    should I toss the treat instead of handing it to her?



    Will do  😉

    Also, Ive got my mums Border Collie Jess, wanted to do some clicker work with her but big problem… she is very noise sensitive and is scared of the clicker click…. (not very foody either)


    you dont need the click it is only a marker it could be some other noise or if eye contact is good then a visual signal if noise isnt going to work –  then reward which doesnt have to be food – something the dog will work for – sometimes I use a toy or ball as you can get treat overload!!!

    sometimes verbal praise is enough for nacho – a “good boy” is well responded to. 

    never treat dog from you – dog will just keep coming to you for treat ….. throw treat away from where the “work” is being done.  😉


    hi, also are you moving too fast with moving from nose to paw touch, maybe look to see if any subtle shifts of weight or twitch of leg, treat them and see from there? Also just try to not treat the nose touch see what she does and treat that? if she sorta seems to give up and not know what you want i sometimes just give a simple command like sit or nose touch just so i can treat and then go from there.

    and you could try a click of your tongue, or pen for Jess. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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