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    ‘didnt know you bred?’

    chance would be a fine thing  ::)

    she has non starters for 10 – stops after a few days – has blinds – changes her mind – starts again – stops – rests up for a few months – thinks ok – goes pre season – changes her mind –  ad infinitum  ::)

    just ami being ami  ::) no health probs – she just my awkward pain in the butt adorable amilou  ::)


      ;D  ;D  ;D She def doesnt want to have pups then  😀


    can bitches get pregnant when they are not in season ???


    yes if they are having a blind one


    so could that be anytime of year or the time they should be having a normal season?


    is it kodi? i have this prob with ami as you know – there is no pattern – no rule – she starts when the others come on – they bring her on then she stops – then a few weeks later she is obv blind – swelling – no blood and dogs interested – she went 6 months the once but has also gone 3 months – it is generally believed to be due to hormonal problems/thyroid problems – i have had all those tests done and she ok – had a pre mate a couple of weeks ago when she was bleeding but she was not showing fertility and then she stopped  ::) – i am thinking of having her scanned to check the ovaries as val was saying the other day the girls can be a bit like the boys when the nuts dont appear but she clearly dont want pups or nature is saying no pups  ::)

    have known girls to have a couple of blinds in the first year and then settle down – sure val or rough will know more  🙂


    no not Kodi  :D,    sorry we were just talking the other day and wondered if they got pregnant at any other time apart from when they were in season, I said didnt think they could otherwise why would breeders only mate them when they were in season, or is it that thats the most fertile time.

    someone said I could expect Kodi to have a phantom pregnancy now too!


    My mum’s youngest yorkie had a couple of blind seasons before she actually had a proper one.  She doesn’t have them anymore


    why would kodi have a phantom? not all girlies do – mine don’t – one of my sister’s does and she has never been mated and another sister’s does and she has, there is a belief that if a girlie is ‘mated’ by a castrated dog she will but it never happens after falkor has been with them


    ??? dont know, someone just said Oh she’ll  probably start nesting and babying her toys now if she does she’ll be having a Phantom, just ignore her!


    they fascinate me – the moment they decide they have whelped – then the collecting and nesting – then they wake up one day and the toys are toys again  ::) mum always says to remove the ‘babies’ and distract them from pining – my sisters just leave them to get on with it


    ok were did the pie chart go?


    erm yeah can we have the pie chart back thought stickies wrer safe from being deleted charts etc included?  🙂


    will email it you gracie  🙂


    After just reading this thread, I dont think anything on this applies to the problem i have with Skye.
    Skye is a 7 yr old rescue GSD that we have been told was doctored well before having her 1st season (about 6 wks old) she has not  even developed teats.
    The problem is she is constantly cleaning herself what seems like 24/7 could this just be Physiological for her?

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 61 total)
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