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    Bev will quote one of her previous posts or include the link where she desribes free shaping the snoozy

    [img width=468 height=382][/img]


    after the intro to freeshaping yesterday done with a favourite toy – we can get down to  using the method as a training aid – i have posted about snoozy in the past but have repeated it below:

    ‘I and most clients want the dog to be in the room nice and well behaved when they eating or visitors come, they don’t want to lock out the dog cos it a pain so i teach the snoozy. the dog is charged to the clicker and all the clicker rules are in place ok?

    i put the bed on the floor in front of me, hold up a treat and wait…no voice at all – dog looks at bed – click reward – dog looks again – click reward dog looks – no click or reward – dog moves toward bed – click reward – dog moves to bed – click reward – dog moves to bed – no click or reward – dog looks at me as if to say – duh – well thats what i was getting rewarded for – dog touches bed with paw – click reward …..this is built up until the dog actually gets on the bed and then gets on the bed and sits and then gets on the bed and lies down – when he does that 5 times in a row – then i add the cue, mine is snoozy – i do it another 15 times saying the cue then that piece of bed is moved around the room and then around the house, clicking and rewarding each success  – i use vet bedding – my lot will go snoozy on a piece of vet bed 2 inches square – in anyone’s house, car, garden etc etc they do not view it as a punishment, there is no yelling go to your bed etc – they see the vet bed they hear the snoozy cue off they go they think they have taught it themselves – it gives them an enormous amount of self worth and it is kind’

    so – the vid is sadie – who free shaped first time weds night for about 5 minutes – did the full exercise with the frisbee yesterday and now today in a total of 6 minutes – start to finish – does snoozy – verbal cue – anywhere with out hesitation – wow amazing – to me anyway bless her – such a peerie mootie wee thing but what a mind. ;D


    sorry about the quality of the first few seconds on the first movie, however here is the end result, it’s a very short video without any glitches this time 🙂

    [img width=468 height=382][/img]


    they so are baby deers !!!!


    that looks fantastic! wonderful little minpin.

    what sort of age can you start free shaping to this level? or is that a stupid question? :-[

    rodney has an attention span of a gnat at the moment (hes 10 weeks old today)


    harry is 12 weeks and sadie is 16 weeks – i have cleints pups freeshaping on day 2 of arriving at their new home – the youngest was 6 weeks and 4 days ;D sooo the sooner the better once the clicker is charged. ;D


    thanks. i am charging the clicker every day before doing the sits and downs etc.
    problem is that OH thinks its stupid and marks with his voice. can we do both?


    are….now you are going into the area of where the humans are in the pack – see other post re dog status – you can use both – it may cause some confusion and the behaviours will not be as fluent with a voice marker or as reliable – but…. what will prob happen is that you will become pack manager with OH second. ;D

    why does he think it is stupid?


    doing this in the kitchen which his main space at the mo. criteria one.
    also in the garden, c. two
    hallway to front door and front room i would say is c.2+. this is where i use the recall to get him back to where i want. the shoes are to big a lure to him to just follow me.

    i really shouldnt be pack leader as rodney is supposed to be his, but hes never had a puppy before and i cant help ‘taking over’  p:-)

    OH thinks its stupid, i think, because he doesnt understand and that he might get ti wrong ;D


    no offence meant here but its probably because of the way guys think

    “anything i am not good at / dont understand is stupid”

    one reason why clicker makes a good bridge is it is a consistant sound and not affected by stress of the situation especially good for higher criteria 🙂

    i’ve included this to show you wills … (please excluse slow clicks in this – camera, clicker, treats was all a bit much lol !!)

    i’ll tell u what i think she is doing and bev can tell u what he’s really thinking !!!

    ok at first he is sat, because i have a clicker and treats in my hand he will automatically offer a sit to try and “win” one because he has learned that this behaviour gets treats in the past.  none come along so he re-settles himself to try and get something … some waiting and watching me and then i get what i’m thinking of … a down i am aiming the click as soon as his bum hits the ground, because he good at this and garden low criteria he is just getting jwb/burns pieces.  he does it again some more and gets more rewards then he realises they stop and offers something else, a sit which is clicked and rewarded this time as its something different, then a down is rewarded – notice that even though he can hear daddy and harry in the bath here he is still staying down.  he then comes to me which i couldnt reward coz i had to move the camera and couldnt click then offers 1 front paw which i missed too, the last “sit click” is stupidly late – a good example of “what u click for is what u get” if i had kept on with this and paired it with a visual/verbal i would probably have got “sit and look to one side” then you can see him sitting as i offer my hand out as a target which i dont reward coz its not what i want and then he nose-touches (also clicked a bit late due to not being omnipresent !!) and gets a treat … the end !!

    before i started clicker he would not have kept offering like this so i could trap new things (like 1 paw up) …

    [img width=300 height=245][/img]

    Claire 😉

    p.s. video 2 follow in an hour or so when its downloaded !


    piglet, none taken, just what i thought 8)
    shoes i mentioned are in the hallway, not on my feet, a novelty to rodney.
    i agree that the clicker is good, just hard learning it while teaching rodney the meaning of it.
    i think that if i can show that it works, thenOH will like it. just hard to get the timing right. ive got two to train!!

    have to feed now so will look later, thanks for response


    talking to OH he has agreed to clicker train me and i him, to see both sides. have aresult in mind and try positive (clicks) to get there. do you think this is a good idea?


    aww thats brilliant minpin!! well done sadie! ;D



    DB – not sure what exactly you are suggesting but if you are thinking of using the clicker to “train” each other make sure dog is out the way or he will think clicks and no treats … it might confuse him or get him excited 🙂

    Video is now above !!

    I am sure your dog is charged to the clicker by now, you can just go right ahead and start the work !! 

    I am laaazy so I stand with clicker and treats and wait till the dog does something, anything and click and treat only when it does that thing then i decide what to call it or what visual cue to give it and “ta-daaaar” you have tricks 🙂  when i am bored of that i see what else might be on offer … see vid 🙂

    Claire x


    should have said ‘clicker’ as in saying yes. dont want to confuse the poor boy  😉

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