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    :-\ oh i never thought of that, we use paw for her giving her paw to….well i only have left paw cued…so would i beable to change this somehow??
    Will use other words for them now!



    yep you can change it

    new cue old cue

    so if i was changing say polo to hop

    the cue sequence would be hop polo hop polo until i could drop the polo



    ok thanks kiz!  🙂



    i’ve just “reminding” them of this !!

    bonnie – 10mins now ready to add cue

    wills – 10 mins … complete muppet you do 3 in a row and you think wooooh he’s got it you know and then he wanders about looking dim !!  he’s so dim !!!

    claire x



    bev recons he’s clever but just trying to be lazy – me i recon he’s dim 😉


    no dogs dim they all have potential – if i can get Honey to retrieve…….well that just proves it I think  ;D



    he has potential for alert barking 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 61 through 67 (of 67 total)

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