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    xtine – LOL at the dress – that must have kept her quiet at home, making the dress – bet parents were pleased  😀

    Gracie – still not sure on date or even if it will be London or Suffolk  ::) 😀  We looking at 1 st November or the week after…  cos I have a work thing to do on 25th Oct and the few weeks running up to that is really manic.. so have to wait till that is over with…

    No clue as to what sort of dress I want  :-\

    or much else really  😀 

    we need to see your ring Gracie  ;D


    Gracie – you got plenty of time to lose a stone and ordering a dress does work  ;D I ordered mine in the Feb a size 16, I was measuring as an 18 at the time – my mum was crapping herself cos she didn’t think I should order a smaller size  ::) Turned out I lost 2 & half stone and had to have the dress taken in to a 12-14 and that was in the September I think  ;D

    Unfortunately I put the weight back on over the last couple of years but have got most of it off again now  ::) Weight Watchers rocks  ;D


    yes will get a pic of my ring up this eve  🙂 (mine are like yours Sarah, blurry or dont do it justice  🙂

    Try 3 stone, well at least 2 Nat – no but my thoughs were just to try on a dress, as i am lucky i guess in that when i gained the weight i’m still the same shape ie i gained it all over evenly so styles that suit me now will suit me then, but i just want a fat pic of me in a wedding dress that i can look at, when i reach for chocs, or dont feel like going on the cross trainer  ::)
    I have given myself i guess till about april / may(tho depend on how long it takes to have dress made or whatever) to order dress in size and thats its, no pressure to lose more weight but if i do  ;D

    on a positve note i only put on one lb over xmas, and i was rather over-induling and not excercising as Gracie wasnt allowed out on walks due to spay  ;D


    im quite a decisive person

    i walked in to a wedding dress shop said i have so much to spend help me please and they were fantastic

    she picked out loads of diffrent styles – some i hated straight away – but the idea was to try on loads of diffrent types – then try diffrent ones of the types i liked

    she pulled out my dress and i went no dont like it
    was convinced to try it on – and then i didnt want to take it off – really loved it loads


    they say you have to go in with an open mind  🙂

    By the way wags was that a pair of jeans in the one of the first wedding pics of you walking into the church yard? Very beautiful piccies and church!


    weim cake? yeah no probs 😉 got plenty of inspiration around me!! 😀

    I tried one dress on and loved it!! never tried on any more, and it was half price!! ;D  Had to have it let out though as was about 3 mths pregnant and had just started to grow my hips ::)  was well embarressed :-[  fancy having to have a dress LET OUT :-[ :-[


    but if you were pregnant thats ok!!  🙂


    My dress was the first I saw and tried on  ;D



    i had to travel to the church – its about 2 hours away

    aint travelling that far in that dress in a corsa  😀


    Yeah! but then I couldn#t even get drunk!!  Rubbish planning thats what I say!!  take note you brides to be!! 😀

    Actually Pete’s b.mate is getting married in July, they have asked Molly and Eleanor to be brides maids ;D  Pete is best man but I’m all left out :'(  Yey! I get to sit for the meal with no kids and no husband!! woohoo I can get drunk!! 😀

    Right, going up attic to get pics! bear with me ;D


    Here you go!

    [img width=458 height=468]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v492/emmyandme33/scan0004.jpg[/img]
    It looks sunny but it was blooming freezing!!  That smile was through gritted teeth! 😀

    [img width=468 height=467]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v492/emmyandme33/scan0002.jpg[/img]
    It was really windy too!  Yes, Pete is 12″ taller than me ::)

    [img width=468 height=468]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v492/emmyandme33/scan0001.jpg[/img]
    Please excuse my hippy brother!  He tied hid dreadlocks ontop of his head just before we got to the church and refused to take it down ::)  I was not happy >:(  Check out my Molly the munchkin in the white!!  Thats when she was cute!! 😀

    [img width=467 height=468]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v492/emmyandme33/scan0003.jpg[/img]
    Fight to stop Pete cutting the cake!! 😀

    aw, thats made me want to get married again! :'(  might bring the vowel thing forward two years! 😉 😀


    [quote author=Mudgie link=topic=10340.msg195337#msg195337 date=1199914692]
    She just photographs well Diesel – she is really ugly in real life  ;D
    Uhm…. women can fool me easily but this is one of those times it won’t work.  😛 hahaha.

    quote :

    thats made me want to get married again!  might bring the vowel thing forward two years! 

    Am way ahead of you. On our 20th or 25th weddinganiversary(depends when we have the money for it)….. Las Vegas. Always wanted to get married in a jeans. I want to have vacation in honymoonsuite at Cesar’s palace.  😉


    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Lisa!! Was well worth getting up the ladders  ;D Fab pics.. you looked gorgeous  :-*  :-*


    thank you! :-*  Pics are a little fuzzy as I had to scan them in but it’s nice to see them again ;D 


    they’re great  :-* love looking at all the pics… keep em coming I say  ;D

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