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    Thanks claire, (hope baby is well), get the jest of it 😉

    Kiz I love your dads lingo, did he publish a book? ;D


    it’s in 4 dozen boxes on bits of paper in my spare room and attic – i call it my archives hehe – a spade was always a spade and a shovel was for moving s..t ;D


    You could earn millions, divide it into 20 books and your laughing ;D


    it would take me months to edit the language, translate his short hand, make sure all the folks he slagged off were no longer with us or think of name changes in order not to get sued, get my mothers permission and then argue with all my sisters on royalty rights.


    You make me laugh!!!

    I’m sure you have hes humour ;D


    well according to my mother i got all the bad stuff from him and the good stuff from her so yeah i guess i have his sense of humour ;D ;D


    I have never worked it out ;D
    Hallo and welcome I have to say all dogs go through that nutty disobedient teenage stage I have always gone back to basics, maybe that was what you were saying but I found it very hard to follow what you have written

    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=2487.msg23049#msg23049 date=1141047558]
    haha – i can’t seem to learn how to use the quote function either ;D


    let out into garden = exciting
    staying out in garden = exciting
    coming in = boring

    Yes thats it but the problem these days is that everyone keeps talking about “reward” “punishment” “negative” & “positive” so I put it in those terms –

    – Basicaly anything any animal likes doing is – “Positivly reinforced” by each occurence making repetition more likley …as, as piglet says, coming in would be boring ( punishing)

    If you actualy CALL HIM – that is teaching him to ignore/disobey you if he refuses = disobedeince.
    becomes a ‘reward behaviour’.

    Personaly I rarely use any of the words becaue they are being misused so widely these days.


    Hmm, I’ve had a really long day at work whilst Smurph had been home all day with Daddy and I’m totally confused LOL It doesn’t take much !!  😀

    Bev: Who were you asking if the dog cocked his leg yet? I understood that bit  😉


    i was asking crazy following the original post – cocking the leg is a sign that puberty has commenced


    I am also having similar problems have a 7 month old male, who is perfect at recall in the house, garden and at training class, but once outside at the beach or park, he suddenly forgets you exist, and loses his hearing.  He does not respond to toys, or smelly food (liver cake yum!) or even when you hide, he doesnt even notice your gone (though owners of other dogs certainly do notice you have high tailed it away from him.)  can anyone help!!



    quote :

    cocking the leg is a sign that puberty has commenced

    Murphy occasionally lifts his leg now (not very high) but you can tell he’s doing it.  Isn’t he a bit young for puberty (he was 6 months old yesterday (Monday)????


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=2487.msg23023#msg23023 date=1141036399]
    has he started to cock his leg to pee?
    Not yet no. should that be happening now?


    Crazy Frog – how old is he then?


    10 months.
    The rope thing for the garden works if he goes out alone.  if the others go with him he trips them up with it (on perpose) when they are trying to come in when called!  so he’s out alone now!

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