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    Sue, what happened with Manny? ???


    Ah read it on the other post, sorry that he doesnt like it.

    I agree, agility or OB, Rally O or even a bit of heelwork to music to keep him going.

    Livs got 2nd in Match tonight, am pleased as she won the last match night  ;D


    val since i had aeryn im lucky if i remember what i had for dinner the day before  :surrender:

    yup planning to do agility with him – we have tried some obidience but to be honest he didnt much like that either ! im def going to try the agility though something he can have some fun with and keep him active!
    BUt i agree val is no point making them do it if they dont enjoy it, its made more obvious by dex cos he loves it so much – he is a terror for distracting the other dogs thinks its his right to play haha cos of course when its then HIS turn he totally ignores them and struts his stuff!!

    and well done to livs! match night for us on weds just taking dex!


    benson was fine fiz was fine kid was fine …with all…hubby was an arsehole and so was her dad…they doing he a dangerous breed shite we have a toddler…when i went to stay for training…(hubby wouldnt put me up…he was working away and had an issue with me being gay  ::)…they paid for me to stay in travel lodge  ::)  i tested benson with kids…had 8 kids from 2 to 8 in house at one point…was doing kiddy games and stuff…benson was a dream…but i knew where it would go…they live in an annex on parents house..he better where he is…the thought of them having a jr turns my stomach…twats…

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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