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    Either use a toy in the ring before it’s you turn to move really wind him up wind yourself up too or up the bait to something he really loves.
    I don’t agree that he should loose interest otherwise there would never be any dual Champions and don’t forget some of those are shown at the highest level and work full days as gundogs, sometimes people say things like that because they do not work there dogs so they use it as an excuse.
    Tis Humbug

    [quote author=Lisa33 link=topic=12475.msg241519#msg241519 date=1221816911]
    Thanks guys! 

    Val, how do I up the anti in the ring? :help:  I thought of letting my daughters now sit at the side of the ring to pep him up a bit ???  I was warned by other weim owners that once I start the gundog training he will loose interest in the ring! :boooo:

    Suz!!  Hi, yes, we definatley have to meet up soon!  Girls are fine and it was only the day Eleanor was asking about Honey and William (the poodle)!!  They have missed her loads too!

    I will try and get some pics on soon, especially from the one yesterday when he swam loads!!!!! :yes:



    yup Lisa soon for sure!! am trying to squeeze in a day off soon…………William is fine – just spoke to his mummy the other day  ;D


    Hey Lisa! Great to see you back on here.. it’s been ages! Blu sounds like he is doing well  :-* How’s the teaching going?


    Thanks Val, yes he is MAD for his tennis ball!!  Thats what got him swimming so I’m sure it will do him some good in the ring too!!

    Hi Christine!!  Ermmm :whistle: been too busy with dogs and Pete’s business for the teaching! :-[ Have other things on the boil at the mo so have put that to one side for now! 😉


    Nice site Lisa enjoyed looking at that, very professional! 8)


    lol thanks Sue!! 😉 :-*

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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