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    blimey nat…how can ellis be 12  :surprise:
    sky is gorg…glad she doing well…


    aww bless her…she looking good xxxx


    Congrats on becoming a nanny too  😀


    Must be the highest number of posts we have had on here for ages :agree:


    [img width=468 height=382]http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t15/bev_052/th_PICT0550.jpg[/img]

    yeah…it good to be a nan…i am nanabev mo is nanamo  ;D

    his name is dylan nicol

    he a very chilled out babe…full of confidence….nicol is in his element but then i always knew he would be and debbie a brill mum…

    he has a full time ‘nanny’ …lucy the staffie…from day one she just took over lol…nappy needs changing….baby is waking up…i will watch him….she so funny with him…debbie took a brill set of pics when he was just 3 months old …nic posted them all over the staffie rescue sites as a positive for the breed…showing what the should be like with babes/kiddies…will see if i can find them….izz did i send them to you?


    Jeez now you are asking!

    ummm think I might have had one or two, whether I still got them or not I dont know.


    check your email  :ok:


    Well shiver my timbers your back great to see you on the board.
    Think I have brought another peke since you were last here,so you can go and make you know who jealous she is off an import dog I call her Mia and she has just had her second birthday.
    All the rest of the four footers are fine Eshia is now fouteen and very stiff like her owner but still like a walk and her food.
    Great to see you back partner
    Val and the gang


    hi val…thanks for the welcome back  :happy: where will i find picks of her then  😀

    can’t believe eshia is 14  :what:

    thanks izz…will load them on PB tomorrow…


    awww….wow val what a gorg pup…any recent pics?

    Travis 1

    Nice to see you back Bev,haven’t been back on here long myself,I have also been in a very dark place for a few years,lost my parents,Rubes passed away after a stroke,but she had a great time with Trav while she was here with our mad family.Travis now has a grey goatie :D,and he is growing old gracefully,we have a new addition,Stanley a semi longhaired standard Daxi who is keeping Travis on his toes,speak soon,really nice to see you back :-*


    hi travis….sorry to hear of your troubles….and the loss of ruby….i know she had a good life with you…prob the best time she had ever had xx


    Hello there trouble

    life has had its ups and downs here also

    got a mouthy merlie as well as the others who has been an intresting learning curve – no more merlies for me lol


    hiya wags…yeah?…have heard that before lol

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 51 total)
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