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    [quote author=Denny Wilson link=topic=965.msg15463#msg15463 date=1130954645]
    ;D Have look here  ;D

    Having been “in” obedience for 30 years, competing, judging, training (was secretary and show secretary of one of the local KC registered DT Clubs here in Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire [there isn’t one now] and ran several very successful obedience show), I have been a member of the ADTB for a while and am now the Treasurer. I have known Jenni for a long time, have judged her in obedience and have great respect for her and her methods. I am also undergoing the 6 modules of the on-line course to become a KC accredited trainer. Why? I have no idea. Why does anybody climb Everest? But Jenni does use a common sense approach to her training. You don’t have to compete in obedience to undertake her courses. If you want to further your knowledge of dogs, then her courses are very helpful. You don’t have to take them all if you don’t want to.

    I also have 2 Border Collies qualified for Crufts breed for life (one is a champion).


    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm border collies – my favourite 🙂

    i just wanted to say that i was NOT slating her or her methods in any way and from what I have read they look excellent and well worth looking into further.

    i was just saying its my preference not to compete in ob because i think it takes the “dog” out of your dog and thats probably why i hadnt heard of her.  this is just my personal opinion and in no way bears a reflection to any teaching method however kind or otherwise (although obviously dont use the otherwise methods – they are mean !!).

    claire x


    i am thinking of applying for bishop burton in the new year. There are two courses i am interested in the full time bsc hons in applied animal behaviour and training or part time foundation degree in dog training and behaviour. Does anyone know whether you have to already be working with dogs when you do the part time one? Thanks



    I think “justpetdogs” is from BB – you could PM her and I am sure she’ll know 🙂

    I looked at going 10 years ago now and was seriously tempted but it was too far from mommy and daddy at the time but I was impressed with it then and i am sure its got better 🙂

    Good Luck !!

    I decided to do a psychology degree first as 99% of dog training is actually human training 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Claire x


    Hi Donna

    Claire’s right…I am from BB.

    No, you don’t necessarily need to already be working with dogs to do the canine course although some past/current experience is useful…but that’s something we can discuss if you decide to apply.  You do, however, need to have a dog to work with during the course since there is strong emphasis on practical, hands-on skills as well as understanding the theory.

    If you want more info, pm or email me.  I can give you the contact details for the BSc AABT too if you’re interested.



    [quote author=azzures26 link=topic=965.msg11303#msg11303 date=1122998824]
    I own a 2yo hybrid (65% arctic wolf, 35% malamute), and I have been trying to search online for information on hybrids as family dogs. So far all I’ve managed to find is a bunch of websites yelling at people like me for owning a hybrid in the first place, lol. According to them, hybrids make horrible pets, even dangerous ones. Which couldnt be further from the truth about my dog. He is a great family dog, and treats my 2 kids, all kids, as if they were his. Then again, he is also a house dog, and shivers outside if the temp drops under 60, lol.
    I am trying to find an informational site on dealing with training and health maintainence of a hybrid. I learned pretty quickly that techniques used on a dog absolutely do not work on my dog. If anyone knows of any websites, or even has knowledge of living with and training such an independent and different thinking dog, it would be greatly appreciated.

    I may be being reaaaaaaaaaaaally thick here, but how can a dog be 65% and 35% ????



    🙂 Having just joined this site, I don’t want to upset anyone!
    😉 I have lived my life surrounded by dogs from the day I was born – sheep dogs, cattle dogs, gun dogs, fox hounds, GSD’s, pet collies, mongrels – true Heinz 57’s! spaniels ( many varieties) and I could go on – but don’t want to bore you! I just want to say – “I have not met a dog yet that can’t be trained – the owners – is a different matter! Obviously you need a good understanding of dogs etc etc – but you need to be able to relay all you know to humanoids- that’s the hard part!!!


    roflol – so true!!!  😀  😀

    oh and hello and welcome!!  ;D


    Hello and welcome  ;D

    Have to agree with you there 😀


    oh and what dog/s do you have now???  😉 ;D


    yes please do tell and we love pics if you have any to share 😀 😀


    lmao i knew that was coming – i was gonna ask but thought id let you do it!!  :-*


    hi and welcome from me and the clumsey’s 🙂


    😉 Thanks for making me feel so welcome!

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