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    well done – glad things are getting better  🙂


    Well, left briefly again today, but he did whine (my bleedin mums fault, she stood there talking and I could see him getting wound up as it was obvious we were going out, I was trying to shuffle her out the door, I was going with her  :D), but hopefully not too much damage done as afternoon school pickup, no noise, not a peep!


    awww WELL DONE!!  ;D


    Glad things are improving Jodie, keep up the good work  ;D


    Help please

    Ive tried this for nearly a week now and Rico still screams, I cant go anywhere.
    any help please


    what have you tried?
    Rico is only a baby still he what 10 11 weeks now? i would be shutting out the rooms first for a few seconds and build on that once you can leave the room then start leaving the house but as i think it says at begining of thread walk straight back in keep coming in and out and building it up.
    good luck

    let us know exactly what you been doing and someone may be able to help!  🙂


    need much much more info – this is a babe yes? not a conditioned reflex dog??



    sorry if im being thick but what is a conditioned reflex dog???

    We have tried putting him in his puppy crate with his toys and chews and leaving the room for 2 mins then coming back, he is ok with this but any longer than 5 mins and he screams.
    We have just ordered a puppy kong and gonna give this a try.


    a conditioned reflex is a re-enforced behaviour that has become conditioned

    you say you are putting him in his crate? do you mean you are placing him in there and shutting the door?


    no he goes in himself and we keep door open


    ok so when you leave him for more than 2 minutes does he come out to scream?


    we tried closing the door as he is ok with this on a night time but still screams


    then i would say you are moving it on too fast

    so does he go in by himself when you are in the room and can you then shut the door and stay in the room and he doesnt mind?

    do you have the going in on a cue yet?


    yes he is happy to go in when we are in the room and to close the door

    we tell him bed and he will go in most of the time

    think i made a bit progress this morning as i had to take daughter to school and was running late and he was fine when we left and when i got back he was sitting  on the sofa with the cat lol


    i think you are re-enforcing this and i bet you didnt this morning because you was running late  😉

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 155 total)
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