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    I like the idea of a Breeder search site, but I don’t like the idea of a site with advertised Puppies for sale.  Too many ‘breeders’ out to make a quick buck luuurrrvvv sites like that.


    Also, a good idea is to search Google for a national club for your preferred breed. 🙂
    That way you know you’re going to find a reputable breeder!


    I agree check out breed clubs and the KC but also DLRC..

    its a breed registration body alternative to the KC who do not promote showing depends on your views i guess all personal to the individual


    If you are interested in a second hand dog, try your local dog training club. They may have ideas of where dogs are looking for new homes.

    And they might even be able to tell you a bit about the dog too.

    Good Luck. 


    I would avoid the alternative registration like the plague.  They could print you a registration with a GSD sire and a labrador Dam and call it a poodle – whatever the breeder wants them to print with no checks whatsoever.

    I’ll print to a nice looking registration certificate for £1 – no questions asked!!  ::) ;D


    yep with you there rough


    staffi my bottom – at the least a romany dog  ::) skin probs (almost fully white) loony doesnt cover it – ballooned chest – paid £400 pts at 8 months  🙁


    [quote author=Admin link=topic=14.msg18#msg18 date=1085475556]
    This is a subject I do get a lot of questions about.  My reply is see

    To save you the trouble of going to that page, here it is:

    I can not give full advice on every breed, but I can give advice on where to look in general.

    The best source for finding a breeder with pups is the kennel club They have a form that can be filled in on line, which can be hard to find so try to go direct to their puppy pack. NEW – I have found out that you can now get a list of breeders with puppies for sale on line at the kennel club. Follow the link click dog register at the top of the page, then on the left hand menu ‘Puppy sales list’. After reading the page click search at the bottom. If it is your first time here you will need to register. Once registered or logged on you will be able to see the list.

    If you are looking for a rescue then have a look at as I think they are the most comprehensive UK rescue site.

    The next port of call would be the breed clubs listed on my site. These people are in contact with the breed every day and so will know where to find a breeder with a suitable dog. These people also make an excellent point of contact for the breed rescue, if there is one. They can also give breed specific advice.

    You may wish to by pass this and go straight to a breeder, again listed on my site. If you do this make sure you are happy with the breeder that you deal with, may be speak to a couple of them.

    The above is my advice to all who are looking for a dog. I am sure that if you have reached this stage you have researched the breed and are only looking for a point of contact for the breed. If not go back and do some research on the breed to ensure that it has the right characteristics for you. Try or to see if the breed is a good match for you. These are only guides but give food for thought.

    The above is standard response to requests for details on dogs. If this is not appropriate to your circumstances or you would like to add to this advice please feel free to drop me a e-mail.



    hi and welcome – but getting a bit confused with just the quotes so if you wish to add – then either quote and then start typing after the last ‘quote’ at the bottom  or just say your bit with a reference to the above sort of thing  🙂


    Not to be inflammatory but not all alternative breed organisations are rouges and bounders, DLRC have a receipt that is drawn up by their lawyers which when a breeder sells a dog they and the buyer have to sign, each retaining a copy.  This receipt states that the dog is as described that the sire and damn are as described in the pedigree and if it is not the case the buyer will have some legal come back, which is more than can be said for a KC registered dog.

    I took on a dog who I now know his sire was the result of a sister and brother union as I hold a copy of his sires pedigree printed by the KC, showing quite clearly that my dogs father was inbred, and has his KC number even though he is the result of such close breeding and i know the owner still breeds from this sire.  :-\

    I know dogs are line bred but a brother and sister union is never the wisest of moves and I do not agree with it  >:(  My chap is purely a pet.

    Although DLRC will register any dog, when a breeder sells a pup they have to give the receipt therefore the buyer is covered, under the sale of goods act 1974 if nothing else.  ;D so NOT all alternatives are bad, but then not all alternatives are good either, like i said each to their own but you shouldnt dismiss out of hand something if you havent researched it methodically and without bias.  ;D


    I know dogs are line bred but a brother and sister union is never the wisest of moves and I do not agree with it

    You may not agree with it, but it is a very useful mating when used by a knowledgable and experienced breeder and dreadful when used by ignorant breeders.  The difference is WHO is doing the mating and I don’t know of any breeders who I would consider to be reputable, who would use an alternative registry for their puppies. :-\

    Having been involved with showing and breeding dogs for 25 years, trained as a Veterinary Nurse and seen the products of ignorant matings, groomed many dogs registered with ‘alternative registrations’ for 16 years, I would still recommend that anyone looking for a pet only buys a puppy registered with The Kennel Club AND that they find a breeder through the relevant Breed Club.  It gives you no guarantees but is a start to finding a responsible and knowledgable breeder.  Every pet owner deserves a healthy, good tempered dog who is a good representative of its breed.  ;D 😉


    Unless they want a Border Collie and then I would say ISDS dogs are better. They have on/off switches is how I think TBW or Moseyflame described it and that is a good description.

    I wouldn’t get another KC reg BC unless there was a ral good reason or unless it was dual registered.


    I can understand that.  😉 ;D


    I too have 35 years experience of owning dogs and have also bred for many years, so i will refer you to my post: 91  Dogs / Where can I find ……? / Re: Breeding  on: January 14, 2007, 09:06:13 PM  where you can clearly read my views. 


    I am looking for a wirehaired dachshund or min wirehaired dachshund somewhere in Scotland or near the border. Is anyone aware of any that are due soon or available in the near future?  He would be a playmate for an edinburgh based norfolk terrier.


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