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    1. the dog wouldn’t come when you called him if you were drowning. .

    2. . . but comes running when you shout “Here kitty kitty kitty”  >:D

    3. “Didn’t I just put my sandwhich down there??”

    4. Life expectancy of a vaccum: 10 years
        Life expectancy of your vaccum: 1 year!

    5. Pot holes are located in your back garden and not in the street

    6. The neighbours kids swear they heard Chewbacca in your house

    7.  You discover the washing machine is not actually to blame for all those missing socks and underwear

    8. You dont have to vaccum to the  sounds of “ruff, awuw woowowowoo…”

    9. Your rug has more holes than the main road

    10. You sit in the backseat so your mal can ride shotgun

    11. The cats tail wouldnt be stood on just to hear the response

    12.  You spend 20 minutes in the butchers trying to decide wether he would like pork or beef this month

    13. Your confused why people arent happy to see your 120 pound dog bounding towards them

    14. You offer your guests lint rollers instead of party favours

    15. There are numerous games of “keep-away” with the back garden debris

    16. You throw the ball, he sits down and watches you go get it  ::)

    17. NASA ask if they can test their moon rovers in your back garden

    18. You spend all winter with the back door open shivering

    19. 5 minutes after you vaccum, hair tumbleweeds across the floor!!

    . . . and yet you wudnt change it for the world ;D

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