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    Good morning Kizi

    Aggression or any type of force is NOT being used against this pup.
    She has been tapped / smacked lightly as a last resort – distraction; to get her jaw off my arm, which is firmly clapped around. She may be tiny but her P.S.I power – is incredible & painful.

    Our training program at the moment is voice, hand signals and body language, incorporated through play.
    We do this often, keeping it short and varied.
    We are working through a program of simple commands such as : come here – (use of name)
    stay, roll over, sit.
    Plus toilet training – (on paper next to the door)
    All of which is praised through reward – voice, titbit & stroking- patting.

    Part of the problem here, is that she is fractious through lack of external exercise. 
    She’s old enough to be outdoors and running around, but only ½ through her inoculations.



    you are working with a punishment method…something bad is added the behaviour decreases…my advice it to ignore the bad reward the good…she is at the classical conditioning stage..everything she learns now the good or the bad will stay for life

    her name is just her name and should never be used as a cue

    toilet training…using pads and paper just end up training it twice

    this is the ideal time for training…especially the leash stuff…she can go outdoors just not be put down where other dogs have been to the loo so if you have a garden then that is fine

    get her out and about asap…up the high street..street cafe..into shops in your arms etc get kids to treat and pet her….

    get the nobite kiss kiss on cue…

    if you look at the cubert clumber thread you will see the progress made with my latest addition


    What is the punishment method ?
    I’m confused ?
    If you refer to the tap / distraction – it’s self defence on my part!

    My garden would be ideal for a run around but it’s used by 2 neighbouring fox as their regular short cut, leaving behind their calling cards !!

    Taking her out would be ideal but she wriggles so much to be down, I’ve almost dropped her.
    She has part 2 of her inoculations tonight, so we’re on count down to getting out and about…..can’t wait!

    I’ll be keen to read Cubert’s thread and gain insight.


    The punishment is the tap – she doesn’t understand about human self-defence, and it will make her worse. If you give gentle you will eventually get back gentle – she can’t think like a person so you have to think like a dog.  🙂


    Hi GSP

    Currently thinking like a dog, after watching her with my other 3.

    My darling choc lab bitch – Bobbi, despite never having raised a litter has taken on a matriarchal role with pup.
    If she gets too naughty with her, she lifts her massive paw and restrains the pup by pinning her down.  No malice or aggression.  That works for a while, then pup – 5kg, goes back for more fancying her chances against a 35kg Lab – at which point Bob’s get up walks off and ignores her.

    Bob’s will then return and allow pup to curl up with her to sleep- which works for about 5 mins, until pup thinks it’s a good idea to climb on Bobbi and chew her ears while standing on her head.

    It’s hilarious- I could watch them all day.

    My other 2 bitches, black labs; stay well out of the way ignoring the new upstart.  Being 12 & 9, they simply can’t be bothered with her. Hopefully this will change when we all start going out together.


    Put her in a carry box wrap her in something ANYTHING  -sure she will wriggle but she needs to get out and about now.

    And yes she sees the tap as punishment – she doesnt understand self defence in your meaning of the words ok  🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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