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    Fanks but you didnt answer about Bev  >:D  😉  :-*  :-*



    Have now  ;D

    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=11834.msg226738#msg226738 date=1214425038]
    Fanks but you didnt answer about Bev  >:D  😉  :-*  :-*


    ;D  :-*  :-* fanks again!

    And Bev we wasnt talking bout you honest was just asking how you was  😉  :-*



    Well, went 6½ hrs again last night (partly due to the fact I didnt go to bed until 1)

    Settled down straight away, no whimpering  ;D

    This is how I caught them yesterday evening  :-*
    [img width=468 height=351][/img]



    aww bless a wee fluff ball – enjoy  🙂

    just manage the play – keep an eye – but leave them to it for the most – it will sound worse than it is – he needs to learn to speak dog – look at the early vid of ami and cubert – and get him out and about without dante too – he needs to be confident without his pack mate to lean on all the time  🙂



    I know what you mean  😀  They have just been mouthy playing and I just watched unless things got silly, but otherwise left them to it.  Lots of good boys to Dante for playing nicely.

    Taking him out holding him for about 15-30 mins each day, along main roads etc to get used to buses/cars.  Yesterday morning I had to take him up to the school with me (luckily its ‘Pet Week’ so okay with school) and he wasnt phased at all.

    Working on recall, pretty good so far and also started with sit, but going to look more at your hand commands for that.


    awww look at them two cuddled up together  :-*



    comp having a spell of letting me look at photos – that is a gorgeous pic of the two of them – think it deserves to go on a portrait on the wall.  😉



    Bless, what a lovely picture  ;D



    Just thought I’d do a little update 🙂

    Been clean 100% for a week solid now.  Happy being left, no squeeking, and he’s letting me brush him with no problems at all (well he sucks my fingers when I hold his front paws up to do his belly  :D)

    We can do sit to hand command and getting there with lay down.  ‘Leave’ is becoming a useful one and staying in ‘stand’ position for a little longer now.  Also geting the hang of heel really well.

    I got the pin brush, comb and slicker.  Havent used the slicker yet but using all the others daily and he’s used to his feet etc being brushed.

    Been to his first puppy class and the trainer referred to him as ‘Lord muck’ the way he was sat chest puffed out watching everything, thinks he’s going to be a little so and so  😀


    Oh bless well done  ;D Must be time for some new photos  😉



    well done jodie – sounds like you doing good.  ;D

    but photos are necessary with every update.  :-\ 😛



    Ill try to get some good ones tommorow, even if it takes me all day  😀



    :-* you know the way to our hearts.  ;D



    Sounds great.  Well done. 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 140 total)

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