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    Val, thanks for PM.  PM’d you back, but it would not send. IPhone doing poorly & will get worse til I get a computer.



    Cheers Val – though the spots are on his head so only a cone will stop him – even a towel round his neck and he will rub against the doorway  :surrender: most of its looking better today though! mind no show tomorrow now anyway my little girls poorly 🙁 gutted cos i REALLY hate seeing her so poorly ( ear infections in both ears and bulging ear drum in the left  🙁 ) but i got an appointment monday im not looking forward to and tomorrow was gonna take my mind off it – now im at home with a whole day to mull it over cant wait!! Thankfully shes fairly cheerful despite being so poorly – but refuse to drag her out to a cold venue just for a dog show!!


    Sweet Suzie, i wish them both a speedy recovery. Dex cause itchyitch is just yukyukyuk, and your little girl cause earinfections can be so painfull. :-\


    Suz, sorry to hear Aeryn sick again :baby: :sick:



    Thats Diesel – Dexter is much better – my little girl not so much but she will be fine she should be nearly 100% in a couple days i think! Hope so hate seeing her so sad 🙁


    Poor Dex and Aeryn ((hugs)) to both and hope they feeling better soon :-*

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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