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    as promised some days ago – sorry it is late – things a bit manic in this household at the moment ;D

    Fluency – the number of times the dog will repeat the behaviour without going on strike (losing motivation), using displacment (finding something more important to do like having a scratch), getting bored (losing sense of achievment)
    Reliability – the environmental level the dog will maintain/act out the cue at – ie still do a recall when other dogs, rabbits etc are about
    Without hesitation – does the required behaviour without messing about – ie comes straight back without stopping to sniff on a recall for example

    Martini – all the above – anytime anwhere any place – any distraction, any criteria, no stopping, any number of times

    see the post – a ‘martini’ recall  – https://www.dogclub.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=2839.0

    assess, test and self evalulate – make/keep training records noting the successes and the failures – you will then see any pattern and any problems and where the weaknesses are.



    how does reliability fit with criteria 🙂


    ??? not sure i follow but reliability is the measure of how reliable a cue is at any given criteria ie 10/10 indoor 2/10 outside amongst the bunnies


    Do you points off if you require tasty treats in bunnie land?  ;D


    not if you training at that criteria


    so training at that criteria is 10/10 when he will do it in bunny land with tasty treats ?

    He will be nearing rainbow bridge by that time!!!  😉


    if he does 10/10 fluent – without hesitation – then it has reliablity at that criteria – the next thing would be to start diminishing the treats – as in the ‘martini’ recall post with thelou – try a tub of pate in the hand – this is how gunners mum got the boy to come off a flush – he was around 18 months


    just get on a plane and show me!!!  ;D


    How fluent/reliable/without hestitation should you be aiming for at one criteria, before you move up to the next?



    100% – don’t move to next criteria until fully competent


    hehe – i aim for perfection  ;D but it depends on the behaviour being asked and how difficult it is for the dog and what the criteria is – so for example with a dog that is showing keeness to learn once i get 8/10 fluent say on a sit that is 90% reliable and 90% no hesitation then i would move it up but i wouldnt with a recall with a collie or a gundog – i might settle for 8/10 fluency and 80% no hesitation –  but would want 100% reliable before risking the bunnies ;D

    with amilou at criteria 5 5+ 5++ 5+++ it had to be 10/10 and 100% all the way and we still managed extinction bursts ::)
    puppy from hell >:D


    no – you have to find the balance for the dog – so the dogs acheivment – one of the strict rules of clicker training – dog must feel achievment – hence always finishing on a good note.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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