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    I beleive one of our customers ckcs has this not seen her for a while for obvious reasons  🙁



    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=4760.msg71263#msg71263 date=1157787047]
    hi – am pleased you came back – was worrying about the wee lad

    syringomyelia is a cyst that grows in the spinal area and presses on nerves – it is genetic in ckcs – lots of work has been done both here and in the states to try and isolate the genetic coding – contact your breed club – they will have lots of information – is the vet going to do a MRI scan?

    poor lad – he is very young for this to start – have you contacted your breeder? it is important that s/he knows

    the club does have lots of info – and they do a  newsletter

    Kizz Syringomyelia is actually a malformation of the skull which allows the brain to herinate out of the skull blocking the spinal column & preventing the Cerbral Fluid from draining out of the skull, this causes sphinx to form in the spinal column-it has nothiong at all to do with cysts on the spine. The syptoms can start as young as under six months  🙁

    Jules-it is not the end of the world there is medication to relieve the symptoms & the pain when it occurs. From your first post I thought it was SM especially as you have a Cavalier(it does occur in other breeds but no one talks about it except in Cavaliers)

    You might want to join this support group http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/ArnoldChiari_dogs/

    Research is being done to map the whole Genome of the Cavalier in order to find the markers genes for SM(it’s a polygenetic condition) & MVD



    in older dogs it can be the result of obstruction of the cerebrospinal fluid caused by cysts – but yes otherwise in young dogs as you say



    Mrs L


    I just wanted to send hugs and  :-* to your baby and you, and I hope you find a treatment that works well for him.  sorry, I’ve nothing practical to advise, apart from I believe this board is great – I’ve not posted much at all, tend to lurk, but when I want advice with my 2 Cavvies, they’ve been great.

    Thinking of you both

    Mrs L



    sadly he was PTS :'(



    oh how awful!  :'(


    Oh no poor darling  :'(



    Its kelly am 8 i am with mel shes my mum
    Travis not good.
    buy 🙂 ::)



    is travis poorly?



    awww bless! hiya kelly!  🙂

    Oh no, wonder whats wrong with travis  ???


    ??? Does anyone know what’s wrong with Travis  🙁



    kelly is travis not well? How was mums appointment today?



    ah that explains a reported post – a kiddy trying to work the site bless

    hiya kelly – can you do another post?

    hugs flower – hope mummy better soon



    hehe its ok travis is fine  ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 34 total)

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