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    ppl sometimes bang to shut dogs up – that might be re-inforcing his barking … i would go talk to them 🙂


    Have you got carpets down?  or have you taken them up since painting?  Cause sounds will be more echoey withour carpets.

    Liz & Joe


    sorry about the mice thing Angela, but he is a terrier.  At least I didn’t say rats…oooops I just did  :-[



    No the carpets are down, gonna listen out really carefully, I did touch wood but say to Alex and my Mam a few weeks ago that if its gonna go wrong its gonna go wrong at this flat and its gonna be expensive so fingers crossed it is the neighbours, if its rodenty we are moving to my mam’s til Alex gets it sorted  🙁


    mine keep rushing off barking – think it’s sometimes the neighbours cats, sometimes the next door neighbour with his porsche that needs a new silencer  >:D (don’t think they like him – they have taste  😉 ), they hate the buzzing sound of the postman’s moped…. it probably something of that description with toby too.

    if it’s ghosts you can get that mad irritating woman out and we can see you on TV.  ;D


    If Fritz ever does this we know the kids have been in the garden to get a ball or have been winding him up over the hedge  >:D


    Will let you know if I figure it out, its just frustrating when it dawns on you that a behaviour has changed and you can’t put your finger on what started it because it didn’t seem important.  Now I’m thinking about it I was in the shower Sunday night and he started barking, I got out the shower early thinking someone at the door because he was so persistent but couldn’t figure it out.  It will drive us both mad…


    Get alan robson round for an exorcism!  😀  😉


    no no get on most haunted !!!  thats soooo funny !!!!!!


    [quote author=piglet link=topic=11866.msg226811#msg226811 date=1214429886]
    no no get on most haunted !!!  thats soooo funny !!!!!!

    yep, that’s the one with the irritating woman.  >:D


    When Bev was over / before Bev, Gracie did alot of alert barking that i ignored. Bev said to acknowledge it, by just stroking the back of your hand down cheek, and saying thank you its ok or something to that effect… as she is doing her job, she is raising the alarm for the pack leader to check out. she quiets quite quickly when i say from across the thank you it ok! as i guess she feels she has done her job! till the next noise  ::)


    Thanks Gracie, will give that a try, didn’t want to say anything specific in case it cues it, but we don’t thank him enough so will use that as our word.

    I’m a night owls fan too, love how he goads the charvs and placates the old dears, Alex thinks I’m crackers sitting up listening to him!


    can you put a radio on low – have you got dap diffusers going

    get the bark on cue too so you have the off switch


    We have got the radio on, I’m on here and Toby in the sitting room in his best spot, not a peep all night [touch wood!]

    Haven’t got a dap diffuser, was looking into it for when he had those few weeks when he started shaking but that has stopped now.  Mind you Bev, you said it would take ages for him to settle in, my wee rescue doggy, he’s noticably coming on leaps and bounds now, we about 7 months on, much more confident, getting better with strangers, wants to be with us rather than hiding around the place.  Would you recommend the diffuser?

    On a seperate note – Alex came home last night, I’m hunting out mice, ghosts, listening for strange sounds from upstairs or neighbour, he knew I’d started on with my stress at work, think he thought I’d had some kind of episode and gone crackers!



    I’ve recently got one Angela and I can really reccommend them – I got it for Misty as she had a patch of the funnies and its really chilled all 3 dogs nicely.  The only thing I wasnt prepared for was keeping it plugged in all the time – i’m a bit faddy about electric things left on !

    Well I can assume he’s a good guy as you’re not coming to us from the asylum 😉

    Claire x

    p.s. I leave relaxation music on for my dogs – they seem to really like it !!!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 46 total)
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