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    Did more lead work with Emmy today, went along the sea front, it was really nice.  Emmy was better, but she just cannot get to grips that she needs to be next to me when we walk :-\  When I stop, she knows exactly where to be but when we start, she doesn’t pull anymore but her idea of walking to heel is her back leg next to my heel! ::)

    I pleased with her progress already seeing as we have only been doing it a few days but it is getting somewhat frustrating ???

    Does anyone know how to get hold of the criteria for training? I tried to search on google but had no luck :-\


    Type in criteria in our search engine and there will be loads of threads on them 😉


    Yeh, I did that, but there was nothing explaining what criteria 1,2 etc was? :-\



    general advice levels of criteria

    ok lisa – lets start at the begining – your dog is a weimie – weimies work as hfpr (hunt flush point retreive) man has trapped the hunting capabilities and got in the retreive but othrewise all the rest is genetics that have been developed and built on to get the ‘best’ natural behaviours – a dog that is a hunter that points and flushes cannot hunt in the close heel position – so – she is being a weimie and her instincts are greater than your management of her so far — you with me? so just as a sheep farmer traps has to use and trap the herding (driving the prey forward to the dogs waiting up front) without the kill then you have to adapt to her instincts – if it is not a prob that she is slighty in front (but not pulling) then settle for that – she is working pop gun by nature – if you want to get a tight heel then you have to do the location at criteria 1 up to 4 tested at 5 – just cos she not ‘working’ and is a pet dog does not take the instinct out – you can take the dog out of the field etc etc etc

    ….this is why all my clients get – ‘always remember what the dog was bred for – what the breeding selection trapped for them to become man’s assisstant at getting food – ok – does that make sense?
    (big smile)x


    I’m so stupid ::)  Of course, it makes perfect sense!!  her breeding line is working on both sides.  Although we have not worked her properly, she did go out shooting rabbits with my husband and she would always be slightly ahead of him all the time.  She definatley has a strong instinct and it’s a shame we never trained her properly in gundog coz I think she would have done well. :-\

    I am more than happy for her to walk slightly ahead, it was the pulling I could’nt stand 🙁 

    Thanks so much Kiz….your a star ;D ;D

    Your smileys still not working then ???!


    A while ago, i was talking to a couple of people here about harnesses on small dogs and the fact that they probably use them as they pull on standard leads and can damage something in their necks?? Do you have to pull really hard for this to happen, just wondering if milly is ok on lead and collar or should she have a harness???
    I’ve seen many people around here with small dogs and harnesse, and a lady i spoke to said i could do a bad injury to my dog with a lead/collar?

    Milly does pull for the first few steps of her walk (when we first go out) but then is fine! but it isnt a pulling that could yank our arms??

    im confused???  :-\


    she shouldnt pull at all  ;D just stop and wait for her to be where she should be – she will get the idea if the walk isnt happening then ……


    😀 im working on it! but will do what you said! so basically stay still until she calm down, then if i go to walk and she pulls stop again carry this on until she gets the message! This is gunna be a longgggg walk  ;D

    So the lead/collar is fine!?


    the rule is – the leash is not applied unless the dog is sitting calmly – we do not go out of the door unless the dog is calm and sitting waiting to go nicely – you lead out the door first – cue the heel close and off you go

    if she is firing up in the house then sit down pick up a mag and ignore her – pretend she is not there
    when she calm try again – she will work to get the walk  🙂

    balmy is doing this at the moment – she will be on later  😀


    This will drive you crazy and the only way I could cope with it was in silence  :-X  Otherwise you want to shout and scream….


    Well she does it nice in house, she sits nice as soon as she sees me putting ‘walkie trainers’ on then she sits nice for lead to be put on, fine to the front door, i lead out the door and then……………………SHES OFFFFFFF  😀 but ill just stop when she does this now , thanks

    Haha hope balmy is having better luck!


    Nacho still does this from time to time then I about turn to go back to house….  >:(  He doesnt like that….

    He soon gets into the zone though but it took me a long time to get him to behave on lead.  Sometimes he is great other times    >:(


    i used to do that, to come back home but milly just seemed as bouncy so, the stop should work better! i hope!  😀


    I’ve bought a new lead and collar and ditched the head collar and we’re working on it! After 5 attempts this morning we eventually got the lead on and out of the house, up and down my road god knows how many time and eventually made it to the park!! Everytime I stop when she pulls she comes back to my side so that’s a good start, I’ve just got to be consistent. Piper’s a nutter when I get the lead out too so we’re working on calming her down before the lead goes on! ::)

    Bl**dy hard work cos yes I do want to scream and shout but feel so much better for controlling myself – I’m not the most patient person in the world which is probably why I’ve given up in the past but I am more determined than ever now as Bev makes it sound so easy and already has Sam sorted on the lead and doG what a difference it’ll make to walking once she doesn’t pull anymore!!!

    Patience is a virtue!!!  ;D


    What’s going through the dog’s mind when they pull on the lead?  It is a leadership thing, they want to be out in front, in control of the walk and you?


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