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    doG I hope I am wrong but I hope she hasn’t got a Victoria.
    And what the heck is a sick dog doing in a park having a walk !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    White gums?  Is that not anemia?  Or is that yellow gums?  I hope she’s ok! 


    Val, she had perked up, and figured if she had a small trundle it might have got her bowels moving for me to anything.

    poos norm, temp 39.

    the vets dont do swabs for pyro, its whats going through my mind.

    Her colour is back, she went white for 2-3 mins then back to pink.

    Anal glands were full but not infected. But she looks slightly lame on front leg.

    And Bev, just spoke to Vets and had the argument they reckon it wont show till later on blood tests. So will be having words with head vet tomorrow about using swabs over bloods,


    mug…white/pale/not back to normal colour when pressed etc… gums can be many things…but generally it means there is infection somewhere in the body…it means the cells are trying to battle an infection…yep it can mean red cell count low as in anemia…after or during an internal bleed for exp…or in an accident situation…..but generally…anydog that is poorly will show whiter gums…it an indictator….hernce me asking mudge in barf boy thread a couple of days ago colour of gums…

    every owner should know the colour of normal healthy gum…the if dog acting off etc…if there is change it one of the stats to check…ok ? with me?


    now…open ruby’s mouth…nice pinky gums yes?  press fairly firmly…then release pressure…and watch…blood will flow back….if poorly…then when you look they pale…and after pressing blood slow coming back or does not at all



    ffs…got a microscope here that is real basic but it would show infection…why dont they do swabs for py??? whats their reason…no one qualified to read them  >:D >:D


    Who is ruby?

    gums are going back to norm colour after being pressed straight away, they are a better colour now too, not completely norm for her though

    Havent a clue, as I said will speak to my usual vet tomorrow and find out why they dont, if not then will be on hunt for a vet who does


    Ruby is my dog.  She will be 5 in January!

    [img width=468 height=334][/img]

    Yeah, I understand Bev!  Ruby’s gums are nice and pink!


    bloods came back as much better today, was smething high than should be, but cant remember what.

    she been sick twice today, poss sick yest or this morning which we didnt see till later

    cant get her to eat anything, but she is drink albeit only a little


    if she hasnt eaten anything she will be sicking bile – body will produce bile to digest food – if no food there and bile in tum then it will more than likely be sicked up.

    I hope you get some answers soon and she can get treated.

    What does red gums mean ? like red all over not just over a tooth.  ???
    Her white blood count probably higher if she is fighting infection somewhere.

    Poor pooch big hugs  :-* :-*


    she brought up what she ate this norning bout an hour after eating. She drinking but not eaten


    Awww I hope she’s okay poor babe  🙁


    hows Livs doing? hope she is ok :-*


    She def feeling 100%, caught her 3 times trying to countersurf the remains of the turkey.

    She felt better on christmas day, opened her pressies, had a good play with the girls.

    Had a bout of explosive rear end, so had to have her butt washed a few times, that seems to be settling down now too!


    ohhh dex has had upset tum – he over induldged!! was not nice not with that much coat lol!!

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