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    he 5…his cue is busy…pure and simple

    and hurry up??

    you not remember my story re the lab pup  ;D ;D ;D ;D

    they still out there …they can stay there  ::)


    hurryupweewee – nacho wouldnt wee in house and I never say hurry up to Andy or James – waste of breath!!!


    ah…you remember …..ok save your breath  ;D


    all mine go wee when told do weewee – has been a godsend when working at the place i currently got my grooming place as no area to let them off – they have to go wees on lead which they not used to the boys are actively discouraged from marking when on a lead cos it right winds me up!! but they good they do weewees when told !


    thats not a sheep !!!!!


    lol wags…no you right…if it was would be in the oven not in the chair  ;D


    all fine…all settled and sorted  🙂 only took a couple of days… thats good
    he so funny….when i work on comp upstairs he likes to lie under the desk…when am on laptop down here…he wants to lie under the table with comp on  ;D

    had to change the coffee table i normally use so he can fit  :crazy:

    he started playing with both the boys ……he has run of house as per…at night he takes himself off into the soft crate they sent…you know me i dont do crates but this like a tent…..not been zipping the door…when i got up this am…percy had joined him… ::)  1 larger clumber and 1 springer in a ‘bag’ that size…i ask you? they curled up so tight but it was bulging at the seams  ;D

    to be honest…compared to the clumbers…we dont know we got him….he follows mo everywhere and he sits nice next to her in the kitchen as she chatters to him when doing food…last night she decided to have a hot soak in bath….i lost him….went to look and he was fast asleep on the bathroom mat ….had no manic behaviour no barking and he as good as gold on walks…

    and ami hasnt had to tell him off once  🙂 so she a happy bunny  ;D


    hecanstaysosendpercyperctoauntieizzplease  :yes: amilou


    OnlyifCubeeecancometooo! :agree: Livlou


    😮 😮 mybabyboy  :nono: :nono: :nono: amilou


    thenIdontwanthimhereheagitandnotmyrealbrotherthinkhewasadopted >:D >:D Besidesitgiveyousomethingtodo :tease: :tease: :butt: Livlou >:D


    yepyepheyourbrothercantdenyitwillproveitbyaskingauntyjan  :gum: andihaveenoughtodoandyouneedasmackedbottomforarguingwithmegoodjobyounothere  >:D amilou


    :-* :butt: :-* :butt:  :-*:butt: :ok: >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D Livs ;D


    hmphyouwaitgirlieiwillrememberandatleastmynewspringercomesbackwhencalledanddoesntbogoff  :butt: :butt: :butt: :butt:  >:D  :yes: amilou


    :whatever: :whatever: :whatever: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease:

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 44 total)
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