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    Feckingpackitinthepairofyou  >:D


    why?itfunandshebadbadbad  >:D amilou


    You two are so funny ;D ;D ;D


    look livs…he in your place  ;D

    she will be moaning later that her legs are numb  ::)

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]


    Is that you bev?

    nice fireplace, btw.  Ever use it?


    nah that mo…you forgot what i look like lol  yep we use it all the time…it low tonight as it not that cold so it just smoldering  🙂


    I have to admit I have forgotten a wee bit what you look like, but once I see a pic it’ll all come back. 

    I have a wood burning stove that was installed a couple of months ago and it’s burning right now.  Wood is like money to me.  If you got it, you gotta spend it, even if you dont need to!


    lol…think you had harder weather than us…it just been very wet but the temp on the car them was reading 11 deg. today…so it mild…but then we both of the age to have built in central heating  ;D


    What is it with this board???  :what:

    I look away for 5 minutes and everybody seems to be collecting puppers and dogs  😮 … Well, in Bev’s case: collecting boys  :canadian:  :yes:  :tease:  .

    This has got to stop i say, or next thing i know i am owned by a girlydog  :scared: .
    :nono: that NOT going to happen (wait’a minute.. Who said that first? :suspious: … Right, was Bev who said nonono i don’t do boys. And she stuck with tha.. Well she stuck wit…  :crazy: ….she stuck with b o y s  :tease: bwahahahaha.)

    Glad to see Mo’s having a good time  too 😉 .


    UncleD needsagirliegirlgirlgirl :yes: :yes: :yes: Livs

    NomatterAuntieBevwillkickhisspringiebuttnexttimeIcomestay Cubeeeeskeephimoffmybox :ok: :-*


    diesel…lets get this right

    he is not my boy…percy is not my boy…ted…is not my boy….i just get landed with problems when they are ‘herindoors’ boys  ::) >:D and while she keeps getting these boys…i cannot have my new girlie  >:D >:D >:D >:D


    i cannot remember the last time i was cross angry or in telling off mode with ami  >:D >:D

    she obsessed with the bedding in monty’s tent…she treating it like a soft toy…she being a right pain………. :order: :order:

    sheneedsasmackedbottomitherforachangeitususuallyoneofus  :gum: :gum: cubert and percy  :butt: :butt:


    But noochie is right your boyo  😉


    yeah sure is…but…it like being a granma…can give him back  ;D


    Sure sure Bev, your next girl is somewhere outhere too, but in the meantime doggies keep your brains occupied with challanges bwahahahahaha  ;D . Mo’s just working to keep your mental health optimal by collecting boys for when your new girl comes  :yes:  :tease: .

Viewing 14 posts - 31 through 44 (of 44 total)
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