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    fab pics  ;D


    Take a while to grow into those ears ;D
    Great pictures :ok:


    i love his big bat ears! :-* so cute and at least i don’t have to worry about them coming up unlike Dodger’s ::)


    Took Uno to the Northumberland County show today for some socialization and he did really well. We met a well known GSD breeder who thought he was very nice indeed :yes: Going to start ringcraft classes soon although the closest one is around 45 mins away on a work night so I’ll have to try and sort something out with work


    ohhh me and dex love ringcraft classes – hes so fab , i dont walk him round fast enough hahaha  😀 but he stands lovely now and rarely gets distracted!


    aww thats brilliant, hope Uno will be that good. I’d love to see some piccies of Dex in his show stand if you have any ;D


    none at the min but will get some might groom him first though  😀


    How sweet! I love the puppy ears… brilliant! x

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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