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    Thanks Laura – he had the best time ever at ringcraft – definately going back hes a natural, really enjoyed it!

    Had his first off lead run today – bev woulda cringed no training hahaha sorry but thats just me – hes a darling never goes far, says hi nicely nothing fazes him but hes not an ott in your face puppy – long may it last till he hits puberty haha  😀

    Sorry Diesel – only found him very short notice and didnt say anything incase i decided not to have him or they decided not to let me have him  ;D

    at the min he is crashed out totally knackered after a run up the fields!


    aww he sounds great! Pleased he enjoyed ring craft – best of luck if you plan to show him. Can’t wait to see how he grows  :-*

    Yup i have to agree little Uno was off lead the day after i got him. He’s amazing though! Never strays from your side and has a great recall already 🙂


    He is looovely!

    quote :

    …..didnt say anything incase i decided not to have him …

    You? Saying ‘no’? To thàt puppy?….. Yeah  ::) , right  😀  :tease: .


    haha Diesel yep id of done the trip and said no if he hadnt been right – need a dog to fit in with the salon so if he’d been to hyper or to nervous would of been no good, but breeder did promise me he was like he is so didnt really expect to have to say no – and breeder was right hes perfect for at the shop!

    been at my sisters last couple days and hes amazing with the kids, got lots of pics will post when i get 10 minutes! x

    did second time at ringcraft was the match night so he went in the puppy walk – hehe he is so good! just needs his owner to have a clue lol, he does whatever i ask already stands nice on the table thats without me practising lol!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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