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    Yes you can but I think it will be too much for one little Diva

    [quote author=Joly link=topic=3650.msg101955#msg101955 date=1165261493]
    Val can you order online with them? it may be a quicker way for me to get the tripe ?? Depends how much stuff you have to buy!!


    looked up their site earlier got a pretty good choice i bought (from a local supplier) some chicken mince and some tripe chunks, beau loves the tripe chunks  ;D

    he’s back to eating tonight he ate all his porridge and is tucking into a pork chop (raw obviously) if he’s still mooching in his bowl later i’ll give him another chop, make the most of it  ;D he needs the extra fat anyway  ;D



    haha – less mess in the kitchen  ;D ;D
    for those not in the know – one evening the teenagers decided to cook a chicken rissoto – you have never seen a kitchen like it at the end – it was unbelievable – cracked me up – the kitchen is like church in out house – no one goes in unless they on a mission and then the head priest directs hahah- it was a bomb site so funny bless them – the meal was nice tho  ;D ;D



    Thanks Val – yup i dont think i have space for that muh even on a minimum order  😀 but they do do that meat in the jollyes by us so will definately be getting some


    you liked the meal kiz? lol bless them i try not to go mad about the mess cos want to let them enjoy the whole cooking thing  ::)

    its great now i come home from work there’s bags of meat defrosting in the kitchen…i hear whats for tea? ummm no idea i say i’ll look in the freezer shortly….they sigh, then whats all that in the kitchen….beaus dinner of course says i!  ;D


    ok another foody question, bought beau some fresh sardines, do i need to cut anything off, heads/tails ?? or just flop stinky wee thing in his bowl (out in the yard  ;D)



    You need do nothing with them.  Mine dont make it to bowl – I just give the sardines straight to their mouths.  Very good magician act – now you see it….. Nacho can crunch it into bits without losing any out of his mouth  ::)  Bluebell paws hers, barks at it  ::)  IS IT SWIMMING – NO IT IS DEAD – EAT THE THING!!!  ;D



    You ought to teach them to clap mudgie – like seals !!!  ;D



    Wonder if they could clap those dumbo ears  ;D



    Hehe – very possible!!!!  ;D


    Izzy starts at the tail and eats upwards, saving the head for last!



    Honey WILL NOT eat whole sardines- canned ones are her absolute fave nothing gets eaten faster – but a whole fish  😮 absolutely no way she just pushes it round the floor  ::) she doesnt like any fresh fish like that –  ::)



    then give her those – good for her skin  🙂



    who honey? she has the canned sardines two times a week at least  ;D guarentees a cleared bowl!!



    then feed her those i meant whilst you detoxing her before trying the tripe again  🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 179 total)

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