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    [quote author=Sweetypye link=topic=7261.msg227057#msg227057 date=1214574801]
    There are lots of items in foods that are not declared on the label as legally it is not required; that is not the fault of the manufacturers per se but the legislation.

    Nothing in life is risk free.


    that doesn’t stop the manufacturers declaring them though – if they wish to be 100% straightforward and honest.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Well let us put it this way, would you wnat your rice to say on the label “contains x% of rat droppings”?

    Because all food is allowed to have a certain amount of contamination before it becomes declarable as it would be entirely unrealistic to expect anything NOT to be.


    yep sure sp – it one i eliminated long ago by choice….but …
    i have a problem and yep – i am a food facist ย ๐Ÿ™‚ :-*

    i have a serious problem when under a dif country’s legislation stuff has to be declared but under ours it isnt and then when the producer is emailed several times with the evidence of the difference – as in detailing the different labels that THEY have produced for the various consumer markets and have asked for an explaination…and abuse is offered et al and then someone that cares enough puts their income on the line …cant say more at this moment in time…but..i will not feed my dogs with stuff that has serious questions that are not being answered

    they dont want to label the products and hide …fine …but if they nothing to hide they will come out and declare their corner

    and no i agree with you..risk is there all the time but surely to doG we should be able to view and assess the risk?

    is that too much to ask?

    the un-educated (and i do not mean that in a patronising way but for those that think and see and read the ads for what is a huge commercial market? )

    i see clients day in and day out – they feeding crap – i try to educate and they say but…. they say it good they say it safe…and yep – i know you will say the info out there – i do too but for example…freebie rescue clients i saw yesterday…she 79 he 83 been married 60 years – no comp no mobile – rescued a jrt – feeding bakers because it cheap ish – he used to dried – he off the planet and fat ….

    yep…me a ff ย ๐Ÿ˜‰


    and you know what else
    and yep this a hijack

    i said to the dear old man – given him a bone? and he said no – dogs not given bones these days too risky for modern dogs so the woman in the pet shop said …

    i said so ….when you a young man then what did you feed your dogs?ย  and he grinned and said bones and scraps and what we could get from the butchers – so i said wayhey…go for it..
    and he looked and said you sure..because the young lass at the counter said modern dogs cannot – and i said xxxxxxx…and he looked at his dearly beloved and said ‘i told you’ tomorrow we go get him bones

    sorry…a bit of a rant – but i tend to rant over food…but the commercial food market…it stirs my blood…


    [quote author=Sweetypye link=topic=7261.msg227061#msg227061 date=1214576244]
    Well let us put it this way, would you wnat your rice to say on the label “contains x% of rat droppings”?

    Because all food is allowed to have a certain amount of contamination before it becomes declarable as it would be entirely unrealistic to expect anything NOT to be.

    yes – it might be an improvement on my current diet.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰


    I am not a food fascist, I am too pragmatic for that.

    Many people choose to feed commercial food for various reasons, they are not all categorically awful; whilst humans continue to choose to smoke, drink,and eat junk food it is not realistic to expect them to become more educated about their pet needs than their own.


    but some may wish to, and may be more concerned about their pets needs than their own.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

    ETA and furthermore – people can make choices based on risks etc – animals can’t – they get what they are given – pet dogs can’t say – ‘actually i don’t want to eat that crap’. i am not an animal rights person – i am a human responsibilities person – take on a pet and you are resposible for providing for its needs.

    and large companies producing certain petfoods make a LOT of money – it seems reasonable that they should offer honesty and quality in return.


    True, my dogs have a far healthier life style than my own.

    However it is important to realise that sweeping generalisations are not usually helpful and that there are many steps from A – Z and incremental ones are the easiest to follow…………………..


    i smoke too much i drink too much i do too much ….but i do so knowingly

    my dogs do not have that knowledge – the problem is the ‘knowledge’ that is given out for those that cannot research for whatever reason like the example above rely on the consumer ads..they are ‘conditioned’ to believe and those producers know that – it takes guts even with the knowledge to argue a corner…

    you and i ….and more than us know stuff…how do we do the consumer battle then – how do we reach those that cannot?ย  – for whatever reason – they cannot do the fight – if they can they often have to deal with another half, a mother etc see laura’s postsย  …loads of posts on here where we have convinced the one but other half is errrmmmm dubious errrm right but the experts say…

    i accept that some folk have to feed commercial – i too at times have done …all i ask is that the producers are honest and up front and provide the info without hiding behind our poor legislation even when they brand their foods holistic


    i do not make sweeping generalisations

    i ask i email i phone…as in the post re above


    I do not disagree with you however bearing in mind that personality types differ (he he) and that when one is evangelical it can put people offย  I tend to modify my approach if I think others might wish to learn rather than be proselytised to………

    There are those who make sweeping generalisations about all sorts of subjects which can put people off; it is when people can reason through a subject that points prevail


    sp…i try to reason – doG knows i do- i curb it when i have to…that fine i get there in the end – it not the users it the suppliers ….they sense a threat …

    you know where i am at i am sure

    i await the poster that kicked this back… ๐Ÿ™‚

    and my lot? and loki boyo on hols?ย  ย ๐Ÿ™‚

    have just had a raw mackeral each and some raw goat on bone meat and an apple and a carrot…
    including the 16 week pup…
    thanks to aunty sarahย  :-*

    sorry…natures harvest? …no thanks….


    But then to some purists they would be asking:

    Was the mackeral, goat, veg, fruit orgainc?
    Had it been reared in a sustainable fashion?

    etc etc ๐Ÿ˜€

    Natures Harvest is not perfect, but it aint the devils spawn either! ๐Ÿ˜€


    no …it might not be – but that might is big for me which is why i ask and expect an honest answer

    the mackeral was sea caught – and yep we know there is crap in the seas – i know what might be in there but that is because i research…and i take that ‘risk’ on the base of that knowledge – the goat? no not so sure but again that is the risk i take with prior knowledge …i know it is ‘kosher’ and yep i also ‘know’ what that really means and as above….the risk factor is researched and accepted or not ….

    the veg – yep that all finey finey as mudgie would say ..but…

    i have not had to rely on the spin of the commercialism for any of it…i can and do research and i make my decisions but not all can and they rely on what is said

    and no natures harvest to return to the thread may or may not be…so..
    i do what i do and i ask the q’s



    Don’t you just love ‘Necro-Threads’? LOL

    Why wait nearly a year to reply to something that’s no longer relevant to any discussions on here? Wierd innit?ย  :-\ ???

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 73 total)
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