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    This is worse in the mornings for obvious reasons, generally they get on fine, if only puppy would stop biting, can any one help. The older dog does tell it off but I’m afraid of her hurting her



    The older one may not necessarily be the “strongest” in mind.  A big “EXCUSE ME” in a low tone if it gets too much.  Not looking at either of them or saying anymore when it is happening.  When older dog tells off does puppy stop  ???  What age did you get puppy at  ???  Maybe not with mum long enough to learn manners..



    You should be backing your older dog not worrying she will put the pup in it’s place



    let the labrador deal with it 😉 It will quickly put the situation in place and back the older dog when this happens 🙂



    My older dog always put the pup in its place,he never hurt him but would put him in his place,leave your older dog to get on with it,it sounds like she is doing a great job 🙂



    they learning to communiaction – reinforce the pack manager – ignore the rest

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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