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    [quote author=Lisa33 link=topic=13066.msg252147#msg252147 date=1227003934]
    Thanks Laura! She is great and it’s so weird before I had met the pugs I really never gave them much thought but the more I have met them I have found they are extremely endearing animals. ;D  I can’t wait!!  I have forgotton the work of a new pup!!  Hope she sleeps through the night!! :scared: 😀

    One very proud owner!! 😀
    [img width=363 height=468]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v492/emmyandme33/pups11108003.jpg[/img]

    Awww Tell Eleanor I said hello!  ;D

    Love the photos!!!


    Hello Stranger….

    What a cute little pup.


    Gorgous pups – Eleanor looks like the cat that got the cream  ;D


    Not long to go  ;D


    Sorry all!  Been a little busy with a certain little whirlwind ::) 😀  Wel she is home and yes, certainly ruling the roost!!  She is so confident that both of mine didn’t know what to make of her!  Emmy took her in under her paw on the first night as she was still a little tired from the journey home, Blu wouldn’t even look at her!  He would dart out of the way the second he saw her! ::)  Now she has settled in she is Blu’s best bud and Emmy would rather be on the sofa away from her!!  :help: 😀

    She is such a little sweetie! we have had no noise during the night and  she is more than happy to amuse herself in her pen without craving attention.  I’m sure that will all change though! 

    She ate her first chicken neck this morning and she wasn’t happy when it was gone! 😀 I couldn’t believe a dog so tiny could eat the whole thing!

    It sure takes some getting used to having a titchy dog but boy is it easier than my two great lumps!! 😉 😀

    Eleanor is taking well to being a new owner and is even trying to be firm when Tilly is hanging from her hair 😮  Sometimes I do have to step in and help!! :order:
    I will get some pics up soon, promise! 🙂


    Aw,how exciting!  i cant wait to see the pics!  :-*


    sounds like shes settling in perfectly  ;D and well done Eleanor  :-*  :-*

    And I can SO believe she managed that chicken neck  ;D


    Cute pupster but lets not escape the fact that Eleanor is a very pretty girl  ;D


    I do hope you’ll be bringing her to Henley or Maidenhead under NFC ! ;D


    Aww glad she’s home and settling in Lisa, cant wait for pics  ;D



    pics please  ;D  ;D

Viewing 11 posts - 31 through 41 (of 41 total)
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