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    I never realised just how unhappy Nooch was being part of a doggie “pack”.  When I had the 3 dogs he never wagged his tail – he has always been a serious dog – not much of a sense of humour  :-\ but since I have had him to myself and without the girls he is such a happy pooch. 

    He never interacted with the girls much – a bit when BB was a pupster but not really when she became she devil dog  >:D  they would work well as a team together (especially when stealing food was involved) but he never wanted to sit with her and moved when she came near.  He would sleep on own or near me rather than be with her.  😉  He is quite unsociable at the best of times.

    So it got me thinking are there certain breeds or just certain dogs that are happier on their own rather than as a “pack animal” does nooch see me as the pack and doggies as annoyance  ???


    we been here before hun remember …when i sent the weim history and stuff of those i had met from real old lines in the ‘native’ environment and we discussed ….

    hugs to the boyo and will be good to see him in a couple of weeks  🙂


    I cant remember – sorry  ::)  Memory of goldfish


    will look for the thread  ::)  :-*


    board elf – that last reply? aint showing on my topic list  ::)


    no hun – not that one
    it about the history of weims the one man one dog forester – why they different to other HPFR’s


    dont remember reading anything re what you said Bev, but would love to have a read if it was off the board can i have a copy sent please…  🙂

    i take it dogs own personalities go into it as well as BB and Elsa they worked well together and enjoy being in a pack?


    BB and Elsa formed a coven  >:D

    BB loves everyone – Elsa once her confidence was back was the same  ;D  Both very vocal – Nacho big silent serious man  🙂  Tremendously loyal and intuiative – but if he was a human he would wear a flat cap and slippers and smoke a pipe  ;D


    bless the Nooch, I would Love to meet him one day  🙂


    Weims are not only different from other HPRs but they are also different in that they are generally not that interested in other dogs IME; they are not like Labs etc who love being part of a crowd; Weims are much more into their owners.


    but if he was a human he would wear a flat cap and slippers and smoke a pipe

    I used a rarely used Rough Collie at stud who had that temperament some years ago.  He’d rather have gone to bed with a hot chocolate!  😉 ;D


    I don’t have much experience with Weims but the ones I have met seem less than playful with other dogs and very much into their owners or just doing their own thing

    “but if he was a human he would wear a flat cap and slippers and smoke a pipe  ”  ;D :-*


    yeah…. 😀 found it – eventually  ::)  ;D


    Buster would be happy on his own with no doggy pack. He tolerates Honey and is happy to be bossed about, but he dont give two figs when shes not there.

    Honey on the other hand needs doggy company – she misses him terribly when we not at home and I think if he was more that way shed love to snuggle up with him etc – but he not like that.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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