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    Willow will be 16 weeks old tomorrow a whole 4 months its come so quick  :o.
    She has had her 2 puppy jabs, the vet said they advise a further parvo jab at 16 weeks. What do you guys think? Should we get the jab done? is it something we must do? We are unsure as we know they vaccinate against parvo in the other jabs shes had. The vet says they advise it beacuse there has been alot of known cases in our area the last few years.




    I think 3 is standard right? Scooby had 3 boosters. Not that I am an expert but I think most people don,t recommend yearly boosters.


    It is not really useful to ask our opinions for various reasons.

    All vaccines made by different manufacturers have different protocols
    the requirements of one country are often different to that of another
    local issues may determine the vaccine and frequency of inoculation

    As in all things, you must do what you think is best based on the professional advice of your vet in your particular environment.

    some of us do not vaccinate at all post initial and one booster.


    lets put it this way…having seen her vac record and what has been given so far ….if she was mine i would not be giving another…if the last ones didnt work neither will this one…so for me i would accept she is immune or she isnt and wouldnt be if giveng another …if i was really worried in terms of local exposure outbreaks etc then i would titre first…but i have now contacted 3 vets in your area and no practice manager has said it is currently in your area…the exposure to the environment that she is getting is ideal for building up natural immunity too at her age….so again…if she was mine ….i would in your situation titre test in 1 year if i was concerned for the result of day and take it from there….but….maybe nosodes is the way for you both ?


    Thanks Bev  ;D i just wanted someone to say it would be ok for her not to have it, Other dog owners in our area were not even offered it  😮 ….

    Well decision made shes not having it  😀

    Thank you  :-*


    mmm….on a public forum i can only say what I would do or not do ….so my reply was based on what i have seen so far of her records but i did check the area stats first …and this is the vet practice that did the new (ish) spot on combined wormer/flea treatment without clearly explaining to you as the paying client what was and wasnt covered…. as per the post i put up about it….at the end of the day you and others have to do your research and reach your own decisions….knowledge comes with learning….when you get chance do some research in how vacs work, how titres can help you know where you at…how nosodes work  etc….there are courses you can attend…val normally puts them up  🙂

    my baby lado had the 3 year vac as his pup vac….but my vet is the bestestvetintheworld….i wont do anymore…but i will and am exposing him to environments to boost his general immunity and if i decide at a later date to take him into a risk area …lep for example…i will expose him gradually….rhen titre… then decide…it a personal decision and we have to make an informed choice….that the important bit….informed…from all sides of the debate…..

    anyway…think you need to add some up to date pics in her puppy thread  🙂


    new pics coming up  😉

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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