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    Was looking at those photos of Cass again, the last one, her tongue doesnt look like it belongs to her  😀


    what a lovely place to go to Mark.. and love the railway cabin –  very querky  ;D

    I know what you mean about the country roads tho –  we had to be so careful when walking the kids on the lanes in Suffolk.. constantly reminding them to keep in cause cars come flying out of nowhere and very fast too –  one woman got the shock of her life when she saw us walking down the road she nearly crashed  >:D

    looks like Cass had a ball with all that space to explore  :-* and good girl for being so well behaved despite the moany old bag  :-*  :-*


    It really was a novelty staying in an old railway carriage Christine, it was beautifully preserved & you just wouldn’t have known once you were inside that it had transported people all over the country donkeys years ago.

    The furniture was a bit ‘Aunty Doris’ if you get what i mean, it was all in keeping with the era which gave it such a charming character, i will certainly be returning again, i’m only sorry i didn’t find out about it sooner really.

    Cass was a dream & didn’t deserve the criticism she was given at all. I had to get a coach from the train station to the village we stayed in & baring in mind that Cass has traffic issues and has never been on a coach she was beautifully behaved, all beit a bit confused because she thought she was meant to get on the seat on the caoch which was really funny – she sat upright with her legs out in front of her looking ahead waiting for the coach to leave. LOL

    Of course i had to shove her on the floor but i did giggle about it.


    Great pics Mark, looks lovely  🙂 Shame about the miserable ole bag  ::)


    nice pics mark – glad cass did good – be proud and forget the whingebag  🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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