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    oh great… my sister has just told me that she will not have a staffie any were near her children and accused me of not having the kids well fair in mind ??? ??? im gunna end u pulling my hair out if she keeps going on at me :surrender:


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    hmmm…how closeminded of her – wonder if shed let my lickle fluffy poodle near her kids…….? bet she would and i can tell you out of my poodle and nats staff  – sky would be far better with the kids than manny who is fine but wants nowt to do with them!!!


    i know and its not like i was considering a staffie that wasnt proven to be good with children, and i wasnt even going to take the staf over to meet them untill i had all the basic commands in place.
    but there we go unfortunatly the staffies have a bad rep and through no fault of their own :'(

    Travis 1

    I feel really quite annoyed with your sister,how can she say that,my friend has a rescue Staffy named Dylan,he was 9 months when she got him,he is amazing with her kids whose ages range from 15 down to 5,he sleeps on her 8 year old daughter’s bed,and sulks most of the day whilst the kids are in school,he has had quite a lot of training,but I honestly don’t think this has had anything to do with his affection for this rather busy family,I hope your sister can start to understand the breed instead of believing that all Staffies are unpredictable and nasty


    To be honest Kerrie and sorry to be blunt, I wouldn’t give a toss what your sister thinks and do what you want!!!

    Someone needs educating and needs to stop blaming the deed not the breed  :nono:

    I’m used to it, had all this with Piper too……  :whatever:


    Nat you are right, the only reason ive been listening to what she says is because i spend quite a bit of time over there but if she can trust my judgment on the dog i choose then so be it.

    I have had this with stan because of his colouring but to have my sister say that she didnt trust my judgment and thought i would expose her kids to a dangerouse dog, that is what hurt the most :'(


    I’m sure it did hurt Kerrie, as if you’d put your own family at risk!  ::)


    I had the same issue when I was looking for a staffie. My OH’s sister in law said that they were dangerous dogs.  I went off my head, was not going to have the whole breed slagged off and have someone else tell me what sort of dog I could have.  It’s not like I was going to get a dog likely to bite them!  Anyway, we got Kelly and she is fantastic with the kids, all kids as well as cats and other dogs and everyone who meets her loves her.

    Might just add – if you want a dog that is proven with children, and I mean really proven check out Daisy. I’ve met this girl and I fell in love with her. I met her in the pound and she was a proper squidgy, fussy, kissy, snorty staffy.  She is just fantastic.  She was featured in the Daily Mail article last May Daisy was rehomed with a family but has been returned due to a marriage break up.  She is with Once Loved Rescue and is in need of a good home.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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