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    mmmm – i just knew you was going to say that.  it depends on the intelligence and the willingness to learn and the overall focus of the dog – as molly has taken to it all so well it wouldn’t suprise me to hear she has no problem – i wouldn’t risk mixing them on the same day until you are sure they are individually fluent and reliable.  brose can certainly do that and so does ami but i have to use a different whistle for each with her – if you want to give it a go  i can send you an old horn whistle that is dual toned – very old fashioned, have a few left from dads stock not sure if you can get them now but they good for this sort of thing and that is what i use with ami lou – if it fails no probs, just back up a criteria and re cue.


    Thanks Kiz she has taken really well to this whistle and doesn’t seem to have a problem, but if a problem arises I will definitly consider your whistle  😉

    I will take it up to criteria 2 , How exciting  ;D


    Kiz guess what I found…. buffalo Horn whistle, dual toned ;D ;D

    It was £5.99 and very beautiful is it the same one your talking about ???

    Anyhow will I have to re charge them to this whistle now?  or can I pick up where I left off with the other whistle?  And shall I use the bigger end which is a lower, louder pitch for the stop cue?

    and also it comes with a neck cord  ;D


    oooo will you send me one and i will send you the cash – not sure if the same – how exciting – blimey it comes to something when i can get excited over a whistle ::) looked at the packet mine are in and it says 1s 6p – thats one and six in old money haha about 71/2p

    only you can tell if you have to do a swop over session – if they ignore it then you know you have to charge it – even so, wont take long – and yes you need the louder pitch for the stop. I would only use this for the stop and drop though so they recognise it as really meaning business.


    Yes kiz will send you one no probs ;D  PM address  😉

    I had a trial run yesterday with it in the house and they took to it straight away so looks like I can pick up where I left off ;D

    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=2699.msg29794#msg29794 date=1144487074]
    how exciting – blimey it comes to something when i can get excited over a whistle ::)

    That’s exactly what I thought when I saw it behind the counter, the woman must of thought I was barmy when I asked for it with the biggest grin  ::)


    kiz – my boy has good sit, wait and recall individually.  it is ‘stop’, which he cannot do well while he is in motion.   


    what criteria level are you training it at?


    Pets R US Online sell the two-tone horn whistles for £3.50 for the small ones and £3.99 for the larger ones.


    today, i created a new command called stop.  the definition is simple.  he has to stop and does not move.  to make it clear, i pointed the ground when saying stop.  and i am very glad to report that he has picked up the idea straight away.  we practiced inside the house and the garden, and we will try it out during the walk tomorrow.  i think my command to practice emergency sit may not have been too good. 

    kiz – i do not understand what you mean by what criteria.  he sits with 99% accuracy and can wait up to 10 mins so far even with his favourite biscuit in front of him.  a relatively good recall – of course he always comes, but he may not come immediately when he is chewing something. 


    type criteria into the search engine – it is the environment status for the levels of learning


    Thanks for the info, had a super fast quick scan through and this is what I need!  Dash can go, but sometimes doesn’t like to stop!  also having trouble with the kids chasing him, too – trying to nip that one (that required child-training first!) cause I know it can be dangerous.  Plus it doesn’t help when he gets something he’s not allowed to have – broken flowerpots is one of his favourites!

    PS we haven’t had him off-lead – he’s not ready yet, so this is just garden behaviour.  He learns really fast so I know he can do this.  Thanks again!!!!!!!


    with the broken flower pots – get the  retreive – dont do the stop for this – if you do the remove the pot he will view it as punishment and you will never get the stop reliable.  there is a retrieve  post on here – started by mugatea – if you cant find it let me know – with the poodle and lab genetics you should get this really firm really fast.


    OK I will do that.  at the moment, I get a treat and make him ‘drop’ which he does when I have a treat…but he won’t come to me with it first.  I need something, because he’s gotten ahold of glass, plastic flower pots, toys, etc!  so I really need to get him sorted soon.  He’s even nicked my friends prescription sunglasses off the endtable and ran away with them outside…I know he sees it as a game, which I really don’t need!


    ok – what you are doing is bribing – this need back chaining – do you use a clicker?

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