sunshine and dogs

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    never had that problem with honey – shes in a air conditioned room all day lol!! and her nose is nothing like a shih tzus either so cant really help im afraid!!!


    Sounds more like a soft pallet to me

    [quote author=toppy link=topic=3152.msg42454#msg42454 date=1149088625]
    ahh right!! hell she was like a nodding dog while i tried to check that one out! hehe

    right  they stay as they are they don’t move at all, and the sound seems to come from like maybe the top of her nose or back of her throat!??!?!?


    brother in laws parents have 3 lhassas that do this (or something similar) to stop it they put there fingers over their nostrells to help them breate through the mouth (dunno if you should do that  :-\)


    that sounds like inverted sneezing


    So its nothing to worry about then……like its nothing i need to see the vet about next time im there..??
    ty all x


    keeping them cool – it’s too hot for dogs!!!

    ice cubes in the water

    flavoured ice cubes – veg juices like carrot, fruit juices like apple, mango

    frozen kongs

    frozen pieces of fruit and veg  –  a good one is water melon because of its water content

    frozen bones and meat pieces

    keep a spray bottle full of water in the ‘fridge – spray the pads, the tum, the genital area, the mouth,
    inside the flews (lips)

    to encourage them to drink – add a small spoonful of liquid honey or glucose to the water bowl – drop floating food treats in it so they play ‘bobbing the treat’

    if your dog is becoming too hot and dehydrated add apple cider vinegar to the water and if need be shringe it down the throat – wet some vet bedding for snoozying on – find somewhere cool – put on a fan so it blows across the dog but not directly in to face  – encourage the dog to drink every 30 minutes.

    some people remove water at night as they think this stops the dog wanting a pee in the night hours – it doesnt but that is not the point – this is not the time of the year to deny water – encourage them to drink as much as they want 🙂


    Kiz do you dilute the juice for the ice cubes?


    depends on the make/type – if it very acidic then yes – so just a flavour – but carrot,apple and mango no i dont.


    Thanks kiz i’ve cut out bella’s dried food she normally has some burns mixed in with natures diet but i’m leaving it out because of dehydration and she isn’t running around it is 35degrees according to my thermometer in my garden!!!


    mine are on frozen meals haha ;D brose is really struggling, ami is just being ami but drinking gallons and gallons and has huge candles of clumber slobber like egg white hanging from her mouth – she leaving trails everywhere and when she shakes her head hehe keep hearing Mo say ‘oh ami i just wiped that’ – falkor is not moving – under the dining room table – of all of them hollie the oldie is coping the best – she still curled up asleep on the sofa – ever now and again lifts her head – looks around as if to say -‘what’s all the fuss – hot? who’s hot?’ ::)
    and next door have visitors – and they left 2 weims in the car  😮


    people who leave their dogs in the car make me so mad >:( I took Bella out at 6 this morning got to the field took her lead of and she looked at me like i was MAD she had a half hearted run and then came and layed flat on her back with all her lady bits in the air catching the slight breeze it was so funny


    we out at 5am went to the river but falkor just got in and lay down – not like him at all.


    I’ve left Murph on my bed with the fan on and the windows wide open for him  😉  I also put ice cubes in his water bowl so he bobs in the water for them.  He’s not eating much during the day either, tends to eat at night when it’s cooler, bless him !  :-*  I hate the heat and the sun, in fact every time the clouds came out yesterday, I came outside !!  LOL


    honey just wants to sit outside all the time!!! it doesnt seem to bother her  -think i worry about it more than she does – was going to give them a frozen chicken leg later can they have it straight from the freezer or does it need to defrost a little first?  ???

    quote :

    windows wide open for him

    ok now i am panicking …. i dont mean to worry i dont but

    collies are high drive dogs, if he sees or hears something he fancies out of the window – he cant actually get TO the window … can he ?  oh no 🙁  i am so worried … you havent actually gone to work and left him have you ??

    worry worry u know me 😉

    Claire xxx

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