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    Just read whole thing…this says it all…don’t know why this is allowed…



    Hair does not grown in straight lines LOL they are also trimmed to show big eyes bit like Bambi if you look at a pic of a Pom then look at one of these poor s*ds you will see how the coat is trimmed
    More coat makes for a bigger looking dog

    [quote author=Diesel73 link=topic=16174.msg282578#msg282578 date=1322768585]
    [quote author=Val link=topic=16174.msg282573#msg282573 date=1322762607]

    Poor little s*ds they are groomed and trimmed to look like that

    [quote author=Foxisle_crazy link=topic=16174.msg282571#msg282571 date=1322758871]
    Nope, Houston Texas.  I’ve just seen a ‘micro tiny doll face poodle’ advertised for $4800!!  :surprise:
    How can you tell, Val? What does your eye see that tells you they are trimmed? (just a dumb@rse question because i was wondering what a professioneye sees, cause i can not)


    I get it now :yes: .. Thought those people were just handy with a blowdrier  ::) .

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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